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Why Do Laboratories Need Pure Water?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-08-14      Origin: Heal Force

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Pure water plays an important role in scientific experiments, it can ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experiments. Pure water is widely used in scientific experiments and purified water is essential for glassware cleaning, water bath heating, autoclave water filling, steam generator, etc.

1. Laboratory Pure Water Application

1) Glassware cleaning

In experiments, washing glassware is a routine operation, usually by hand or using professional equipment (such as a bottle washer), for which Type III grade water can be used. For operations with more stringent water quality requirements, Type II grade water should be used. In cell culture, ICP-MS or clinical experiments, ultrapure water, namely Type I grade water, should be used to clean glassware to reduce the risk of contamination and the risk of blank control peaks.

2) Water bath heating

Water bath heating is a commonly used experimental technique, and the key is to keep the temperature constant and adjustable. It is often assumed that tap water can be used. However, tap water will cause scaling due to the high content of calcium and magnesium ions, affecting the life of the water bath heating device. In addition, if the water quality is too good, the inner tank may be rusted due to the absorption of impurities. Therefore, we recommend using Type III grade water for water bath heating.

3) Autoclave water filling

Autoclaves are mainly used for sterilization and disinfection of laboratory equipment. The sterilization process is achieved by placing the item in high-pressure steam to make the water temperature higher than 100°C.

4) Steam generator

Steam generators can be used for clean room humidification, steam generation built into autoclaves, sterilizers, etc. Steam generators generally use Type III grade water, and most steam generators are affected by water pre-treatment. If steam is used for disinfection services in healthcare settings, it may be necessary to check the specifications implemented by the corresponding governing body.

2. The Effect of Water on the Experiment

As one of the most commonly used solvents in experiments, water has a very important influence on the experimental results. In the general laboratory process (such as glassware cleaning), if the water is not properly selected, it may cause uncontrollable experimental risks, such as residues in the water causing pollution, thereby affecting the experimental results. Generally, most laboratories use tap water, which may cause scaling and affect the experimental results, and impurities in the water will affect the service life of the equipment. Therefore, we recommend that the general laboratory water can use Type III grade water.

3. Heal Force Water Purification System Recommendation

Heal Forcec Group provides suitable pure water or ultrapure water systems for your experiments, meeting GB/T 33087-2016 "Specifications and Test Methods for High Purity Water for Instrumental Analysis", GB/T 6682-2008 "Analytical Laboratory Water Specifications and Experimental Methods", GB/T 11446 "Chinese National Standard for Electronic Grade Ultrapure Water" and other standards, to help your experimental research achieve complete success.

Smart PLUS

Smart PLUS series Ultrapure Water System (high-end type)


Smart series Pure Water/High Purity Water/Ultrapure Water System


PureForce series RO/ROE small vertical machine/neutral machine (high-end type)

Biochemical Instrument Pure Water Machine

Dedicated Pure Water Machine for Biochemistry Analyzer (high-end/intelligent/economical)

The pure water or ultrapure water systems launched by Heal Force Group can meet the water needs of various laboratories. Among them, the Smart PLUS series ultra-pure water systems can meet the needs of high-end laboratories for trace-level analysis of water; As highly cost-effective options, Smart series pure water/high-purity water/ultrapure water systems can meet the needs of general laboratory pure water or ultrapure water supply scenarios; the PureForce series RO/ROE small vertical machine/neutral machine series can meet the needs of large-scale pure water and high-purity water supply scenarios, and even meet the Floor water supply requirements; the dedicated pure water machine for biochemistry analyzers can be used in conjunction with biochemistry analyzers in hospital pathology departments, laboratory departments, etc., to help you experiments water using.

Our Water Purification System can provide pure water or ultrapure water that meets various standards for your different types of experiments, helping your experiment research to achieve complete success.


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