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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet Guidelines from Heal Force

What is Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet?

Cytotoxic safety cabinets are defined as the primary barrier against exposure to aerosols that are produced in the preparation, manipulation, and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs. A cytotoxic safety cabinet is necessary if the biological experiment involves handling cytotoxic drugs. Dispensing drugs in the biosafety cabinet can effectively prevent the drug from being contaminated by bacteria and particles during the preparation process, and also ensure the operator's safety. Therefore, Cytotoxic safety cabinet is an important link in controlling infection risk and should be included in the plan of laboratory risk management.

Why do We Need Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet?

Cytotoxic drug safety cabinet is an essential solution for cytotoxic drug handling. Cytotoxic drugs refer to as antineoplastic, anticancer, or cancer chemotherapy drugs, including a wide range of chemical compounds, are extensively used to treat cancer and other physical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune disorders in medical equipment, laboratory and veterinary tests, as they kill tumor cells by interfering with cell division. It can be seen from the instructions for chemotherapy drugs that cytotoxic drugs have a destructive effect on the normal cells of patients, and pose a danger to medical staff, especially to dispensing physicians.

The manipulation and preparation of cytotoxic drugs require special procedures, which are performed in a strictly clean and safe environment. Since cytotoxic drugs are high-risk compounds, operators involved in drug analysis and preparation, and maintenance personnel who conduct filter replacement must be adequately protected. Unlike microbial contamination, these drug dust contaminations cannot be neutralized by ordinary disinfection methods such as formalin or hydrogen peroxide.

The cytotoxic safety cabinet is a partially enclosed ventilated cabinet that provides the same personnel, product, and environmental protection as Class II Biological Safety Cabinet. It is superior to conventional BSC in terms of cytotoxic drug handling. That's why the cytotoxic safety cabinet is designed specifically for cytotoxic drug experiments and operations.

How does Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet Work?

Both the indoor air from the front work opening and the contaminated air from the workspace of the Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet mix beneath the work surface and are exhausted into clean air through a HEPA filter located directly under the work tray. Subsequently, about 70% of the clean air is filtered by the downflow filter, forming an ultra-clean downflow air to protect the samples on the work surface. The remaining about 30% of the clean air is discharged out of the Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet after being filtered by the exhaust filter. The secondary filtration design greatly improves the filtration efficiency and safety of the external exhausted air and the downflow air.

Heal Force Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet Functions?

Added Level of Safety and Personnel Protection: 

Heal Force HFsafe CY Series cytotoxic safety cabinets work in the same way as conventional Class II cabinets, however, there is additional HEPA filtration below the work surface. This filtration enables a filter change without exposing the ambient environment or service personnel to potential hazards.

Protect the Operator and Environment:

Operator protection is obtained thanks to the excellent containment efficiency of the front air barrier formed by a combination of inflow and downflow air streams and filtration of the air discharged into the environment.

Protect the Product and the Patient:

The sterility of cytotoxic drugs is essential for the safety of the patient. The air passes through the downflow ULPA filter and into the work area as a vertical laminar flow air stream bathing the work surface in clean air. The uniform, non-turbulent air stream protects against cross-contamination within and throughout the work area.

Protect the Engineers:

With the HEPA H14 filters placed underneath the work surface and the inflow air having a very short pathway, aerosols generated inside the work area are retained, preventing all other air conducting channels, filters, fans, etc. from any contagion. This unique design provides HEPA filter changes under safe negative pressure.

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