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Quality Center

Heal Force has a professional quality control system and a highly integrated production mode, all for the sake of users, focusing on prevention, implementing people-centered lean quality management, focusing on design, manufacturing, service quality and every quality links. In addition to controlling key processes, we also pay attention to the whole process of product quality formation, including the management of various elements, the lean management and continuous optimization of all employees, the whole process and the whole range. Providing high-quality, reliable products and professional services for the medical and scientific fields is the constant pursuit of Heal Force.


We strictly implement standardized operation procedures, accurately use operation tools, standardize operation methods and production records, and control each production and inspection link in accordance with operation standards, carry out quality measurement and supervision and inspection in real time to control product quality, and we effectively control all links and factors in the formation of product quality to form a comprehensive quality system.

We always pay attention to:

Customer Satisfaction

For a long time, Heal Force regards customer satisfaction as the starting point and goal, takes seriously understanding each customer's needs, pays attention to customers' feelings and satisfaction, and provides high-quality services in an all-round way.

Product Verification Process

Whether it is procurement, production, new product research and development, finished product sampling or product improvement, we take the inspection of each link seriously, pay attention to details, understand the current status of product quality, actively respond to problems found in testing, and take measures to meet the final needs of customers.

Quality continues to improve

We insist on studying and improving the comprehensive quality of products from various perspectives such as products physical performance, applicability, safety, environmental impact, psychological impact, economy, aesthetics, and trust, focusing on stimulating creativity and achievability to meet different customers individual needs and the development of the product market.

The digital development of manufacturing and production

We attach great importance to the digital transformation of production links, continuously improve digital factory solutions, break through the limitations of traditional manufacturing, rationally reduce energy and raw material consumption, improve resource efficiency through data management, make the supply chain more reasonable, and improve the efficiency of equipment production and management.

Environmental and Safety Management System

Heal Force strictly follows the requirements of environmental management system certification, pays attention to production qualitys every details including the management of production environment, continuously improves environmental behavior, improves production efficiency, and prevents the occurrence of safety accidents. "Green Production, Quality Assurance, Safety and Efficiency" is our unchanging purpose.



Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

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Heal Force integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, focusing on providing you with comprehensive medical and laboratory equipment solutions. Leads you to healthier life, Please free talk with us.

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