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Medical Pendant

Medical Pendant Guidelines from Heal Force

Medical Pendant Definition:

Medical pendants create an efficient nursing environment by delivering safer, more ergonomic, and streamlined access to medical equipment and gases, improving space, and accessibility, and reducing hazards within the patient area. Medical pendant is a vast array of space-saving products for operating theatre, endoscopy rooms, diagnostic rooms, and intensive care units of therapy rooms, used for hosting power or medical gas outlets and connections for anesthesia, surgical instruments, and endoscopy devices.

What are The Types of Ceiling Supply Units?

Because of the different departments, the requirements for the medical ceiling pendant will also be different. Therefore, medical ceiling pendants are classified into surgical ceiling pendants, endoscopic ceiling pendants, and anesthesia ceiling pendants according to the functional requirements of different departments.

Surgical Ceiling Pendant

The surgical pendant is an ideal workstation for medical gas, power supply, infusion stand, network output terminal, etc. in the hospital. The pendant is equipped with a platform for placing medical electrosurgical generators and monitors. The height is flexible and adjustable so that medical staff can use the instruments within their reach.

Endoscopic Ceiling Pendant

In order to meet the equipment host requirements of different brands/sizes of endoscope product combinations (including energy platforms, pneumoperitoneum equipment, optics and camera systems, etc.), Heal Force endoscopic ceiling pendants use various equipment trays/racks of different sizes, equipped with electric lift function. On the one hand, the endoscopic pendant optimizes the space utilization of the operating room, and on the other hand, it facilitates the operation of the chief surgeon and nurses.

At the same time, Heal Force also has different customized solutions for professional departments such as gastroenterology and gastroenterology. Whether it is a single/dual monitor boom mounted on the same base, or a TFT medical monitor boom mounted independently, Heal Force can provide a complete solution for the clinic.

Anesthesia Ceiling Pendant

The anesthesia ceiling pendant is a special pendant that provides auxiliary functions for the anesthesia machine and needs to be equipped with corresponding gas terminals (such as nitrous oxide, exhaust gas discharge, etc.). If you need to suspend the anesthesia machine equipment (without moving the base), the cantilever should have a load capacity of at least 100 kg or more, and the built-in electric vertical lifting system is used to ensure stability.

In order to prevent the suspension system from drifting when the anesthesia machine is working, each rotating arm joint of the anesthesia ceiling pendant can be further equipped with a pneumatic brake system, and the all-around positioning function makes the medical care work more efficient.

Focusing on the most important "digital core" of the digital operating room, Heal Force medical pendant can be equipped with an industrial-grade computer host to become infrastructure equipment with a "smart core" - a medical digital pendant, which is compatible with the HIS/PACS system in the hospital. And hand anesthesia management software intercommunication, breaking the "information island" in the operating room.

Medical Ceiling Pendant Working Principle:

Medical pendants carry the medical equipment required for treatment, which not only provides a good operating space for the operating room but also fully releases the nursing space in the ward. At the same time, it can keep the equipment clean and away from the ground, helping medical staff to operate various medical equipment more conveniently. As the basic equipment of the hospital operating room and ICU construction, the medical pendants can help improve the overall work efficiency of the hospital.

Medical Pendant Advantages and Features:

Heal Force medical pendant series is constantly innovating and has the advantages of excellent design, precision manufacturing, safety and reliability, and high standardization. Our medical pendants are used by multiple hospitals in China and around the world, they are certified to meet the highest international standards that you can count on!

Heal Force is Your Trusted Healthcare Partner!

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified

ISO 13485 Medical Devices - Quality Management System Certified

CE Marking - In Compliance with the European Union's (EU) mandatory Regulation

FAD Certified - Our Medical Device Meets Current FDA Regulation

Quality Commitment:

Dust resistance IP6X - Limite dust and other particles

Air plug socket plugging testing >20,000 times

Ergonomics design - Improving workflow

Robust system - Max lifting capacity of 200KG

Heal Force Lark and Dolphin Series Bridge Ceiling Units:

As technology evolves, it is essential to have an integrated and cost-effective solution, Heal Force as your medical service partner, support you the entire way, so that you can continue to provide excellent medical care, without ever compromising on quality and safety.

Various Features - Choice of Modular and Beams.

Future-proofed -Adding or Removing Drawers.

Optimizing Space - Six-dimensional Built-in Slots.

Medical Gas Outlet Optional German, British, American, Japanese, French, Chinese Standards.

Cutting-edge Technologies and Intelligent Concepts - Integrated Hybrid Option.

Ambiance Creator - LED Light Option Enhance Patient Comfort and Workspace Utility.

Heal Force Medical Pendant Product Series:

The bridge body adopts a circular arc design, which can improve the cleanliness of the space in the ward.

The beam of the bridge body can be selected to pass through according to the need to save space.

The dry and wet areas are equipped with trays that can be raised and lowered, and various common gas terminals, strong and weak currents, and network input terminals are arranged on the tower body that can be reached by medical staff.

The wet area box is designed with embedded guide rails, which can be flexibly configured with various accessories.

At the same time, Heal Force fully considers the needs of users and launches the Heal Force modular multi-functional medical pendant to bring you a brand-new user experience.

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