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Singapore Partners Visited Heal Force

Author: Company News     Publish Time: 2023-07-26      Origin: Heal Force

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Last week, our esteemed laboratory equipment agents from Singapore paid a visit to Heal Force Company in Shanghai. This visit aimed at discussing potential collaborations in laboratory equipment and receiving professional after-sales technical training from the Heal Force expert team.

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During the fruitful meeting, both parties engaged in productive discussions regarding future partnerships in laboratory equipment. Our Singapore friends expressed their admiration for Heal Force's cutting-edge technology and innovative digital laboratory overall solutions.

4.Heal Force (3)

3.Heal Force (7)

Additionally, Our Singapore partners also participated in an intensive training session conducted by Heal Force's expert team. This training covered various aspects of after-sales technical support, ensuring that our distributor is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide top-notch service to their customers.

7.Heal Force (12)

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This visit and on-site training sessions exemplify Heal Force's dedication to fostering strong partnerships and providing comprehensive support to our global network of agents. By collaborating with trusted agents like our esteemed guests from Singapore, Heal Force continues to expand our reach and deliver exceptional laboratory solutions worldwide.

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We look forward to a long-lasting collaboration with our Singaporean partners and are confident that this visit will pave the way for future successes in the laboratory equipment industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our revolutionary laboratory technology! We will continue to deliver high-quality life science instruments that meet the needs of modern laboratories. If you are interested in our lab equipment and solutions, Welcome to contact and consult us right now!

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