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How to Choose Medical Freezer?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-07-27      Origin: Heal Force

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Are you looking for a highly cost-effective medical freezer? Look no further than Heal Force Medical Low-Temperature Freezer! Our Medical Freezers can ensure the safe and reliable storage of your valuable medical specimens and samples, which is an ideal choice for hospitals, research labs, and other medical facilities. But do you know what factors need to be considered when choosing the right medical freezer for your lab? Let's take a look right now!

2. -86℃ Medical Freezer

Medical Freezers are essential lab equipments that mainly place and store drugs, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, semen, transplanted skin, animal tissue samples, extracted RNA, gene libraries, and some important biological and chemical reagents.

The difference between medical refrigerators and domestic refrigerators:

The biggest difference between medical refrigerators and domestic refrigerators is that medical refrigerators have better temperature uniformity control and medical refrigerators have more storage temperature options.

Wondering how to choose a medical freezer? Here are 3 steps to help you make the right decision.

Step 1:

What objects do we need to store? What is the storage temperature?

1) -86℃ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Storage of cells, tissues, test samples, vaccines, strains, plasmids, viruses, bacteria, blood red blood cells, white blood cells, germplasm banks and other high value-added samples ultra-low temperature storage, material hardness and toughness treatment, etc.

2) -40℃ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Storage of seeds, low-temperature material experiments, biological products, frozen plasma, etc.

3) -25℃ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Storage of plasma, reagents, biological materials, etc.

4) 2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator

Refrigerated biological products, reagents, etc.

6. Heal Force Medical Freezer

Step 2:

We need to determine the volume of the medical freezer according to the size of the site and the storage quantity.

Step 3:

We need to determine the configuration according to the budget, such as stand-alone self-cascade, dual-machine cascade, and dual-independent systems.

1) Stand-alone self-cascade

Stand-alone self-cascade can effectively save space, facilitate management and use, and can also use the cooling effect of the refrigerator itself to improve the cooling efficiency of the entire storage system. For medical institutions that require a large amount of cold storage, stand-alone self-cascade is a kind of common storage method.

2) Dual-machine cascade

Dual-machine cascade can save space and improve cooling efficiency. It is often used in hospitals, laboratories and other places. It can store more medicines or reagents and provide a larger cooling space.

3) Dual-independent systems

Dual-independent systems can separately control the temperature and humidity of the two storage areas to avoid mutual contamination and cross-infection between different medicines. One of the systems can be used to store medicines and the other system can be used to store other medical supplies such as vaccines, blood samples, etc. The dual-independent systems also have the function to prevent temperature rise in the event of a power failure. If one system fails, the other system can still maintain good temperature control to ensure that stored samples are not damaged.

Through the above three steps, we can basically determine the model of the selected medical freezer. Additionally, there are many optional items, such as special unlocking methods, remote management software, etc. You can select these optional items according to your actual needs.

Heal Force Low-Temperature Cold Chain Products cover 2-8°C Pharmacy Refrigerators, -25°C/-40°C Medical Low-Temperature Freezers, and -86°C Medical Low-Temperature Freezers (high-end type), with a variety of volume specifications available. They can be used to preserve viruses, bacterial samples, vaccines, biological tissues and organs, special foods, medicines, materials, etc., providing a stable and ideal storage environment for your experimental research.

Upgrade your medical storage solution today with our Medical Low-Temperature Medical Freezers! If you are interested in our highly cost-effective Ultra Low-Temperature Medical Freezers, Welcome to contact us right now and learn more about their performance and price advantages!

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