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Co2 Incubator

Co2 Incubator Guidelines from Heal Force

What is CO2 Incubator?

CO2 Incubator is a device for culturing cells in vitro by simulating the growth environment in the organism. In order to ensure the smooth development of research work, CO2 Incubator needs to achieve stable control of temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, and humidity, while ensuring that the culture samples are not contaminated by microorganisms. The CO2 Incubator requires a stable temperature (37°C), stable CO2 level (5%), constant pH (pH Value: 7.2-7.4), high relative saturated humidity (95%).

To satisfy the overall requirements of users. Our HF series Co2 incubators have been continuously updated and optimized, setting a new industrial technology standard for carbon dioxide incubator products.

Classification of CO2 incubator:

Heal Force cell culture Incubator is divided into Multi-gas incubator, Air jacketed CO2 Incubator, and Water jacketed CO2 incubator.

Multi-gas Incubator : HF100

Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator: HF90   HF 240  HF151UV   HF 212UV  HF 180

Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator: HF 160W

Why is CO2 Used in Cell Culture Incubators?

CO2 is used in cell culture incubators to maintain the pH in cell cultures. Combined with maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity levels, depending on the application and culture, 5%CO2 is needed to buffer the system to ensure that the normal physiological pH is maintained for optimum cell growth.

Cell culture has extremely high requirements on the environment and equipment, and a high-stability CO2 incubator is very important for experimental data and results. A cell culture incubator is designed to maintain a constant temperature and high humidity for the growth of tissue culture cells under a CO2 atmosphere

CO2 incubators are widely used in research and production in the fields of medicine, immunology, microbiology, etc. CO2 incubators are used by scientific research units and industrial production departments such as modern medicine, medicine, biochemistry, and agricultural science to cultivate biological cells, tissues, and bacteria.

Advantages of Heal Force Co2 Cell Culture Incubator:

180°C High-temperature Dry Heat Sterilization 

High temperature and dry heat rapid sterilization, sterilization time <2 hours (the entire sterilization cycle is 12 hours).

HEPA Air Filter Inside the Box

Equipped with a HEPA filter, it can provide a clean culture environment in the cabinet, and the interception rate for particles and microorganisms ≥0.3um diameter is ≥99.95%, suitable for non-clean laboratory environments and users who frequently open and close doors.

EBM Fan-forced Convection Circulating Air Duct

Forced convection, a three-dimensional circulating air duct, and double-door detection switch provide a uniform temperature, CO2 concentration, and humidity environment in the box.

Humidification Design of Chassis Reservoir (Non-humidification Tray Design)

In the chassis reservoir design, the humidification speed is fast, the humidity in the box is high, the humidity recovery speed after opening the door 30 seconds is faster than the traditional humidification pan design, it has a fast drainage design, only need to plug in the hose, and drain the water in the reservoir without additional operation.

Data Traceability and Remote Management

The host has its own data storage function, equipped with USB, RS232 interface, and other output functions, which can be directly connected to the Biolab laboratory IoT cloud platform system to realize remote monitoring of equipment, remote equipment management, abnormal information query, and remote alarm, data storage, and log recording and other functions, provide worry-free use.

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