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EB03 Electrosurgical Unit

EB03 350W electrosurgical unit advantage:
  • Seven different monopolar and bipolar modes
  • Tissue impedance based power output
  • Separate control and measurement
  • Splash-proof design
  • Surgical smoke evacuation (optional)
  • EB03

  • CE

  • Seven modes

  • 350W


Heal Force EB03 Electrosurgical Unit Features:

  • Multiple functions and working modes: Seven working modes are available, including single pole switching, condensing, bipolar switching and condensing. It is applicable to general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, urology, cardiothoracic surgery, oncology, plastic surgery, etc.

  • Double isolation output: CF level of power isolation for medical electronic products to prevent electric shock accidents.

  • Automatic recognition of single and double plate

  • The loop plate automatic recognition and detection system automatically detects and evaluates the effective contact area between the patient's plate and skin in real-time, and displays it on the operation panel. If the contact area is found to fall to a dangerous level, all outputs will be automatically cut off, and an audible and visual alarm will be generated.

  • Tissue response technology: Automatically adjust the output power according to different human tissues during surgery, effectively preventing excessive fluctuations in cutting and coagulation effects.

  • Dual CPU control: The main control CPU and the monitoring CPU monitor the system output at the same time. Once the output exceeds the safety range, the monitoring CPU will cut off all outputs of the electric knife to ensure safety.

  • Fault code display: Once the system has a fault, the control panel will automatically display the fault code, through which the fault causes can be easily queried.

EB03 Electrosurgical Unit (2)
EB03 Electrosurgical Unit (4)

EB03 Electrosurgical Unit Application

EB03 is applicable in various surgeries such as general surgery, dermatology, plastic surgery, endoscopy, vascular surgery, heart thoracic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

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