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Excelim-04 Surgical Navigation System

Excelim-04 surgical navigation system feature:
  • Multiple tomographic modalities applicable
  • Ultra-high precision 3D tracking
  • Versatile 3D image reconstruction
  • Quantitative surgical approach design
  • Stereopsis-guided brain shift compensation
  • Excelim-04

  • Brain surgery

  • 100-250 VAC, -50/60 Hz, IA

  • DTI extension model


  • Tomographic images in DICOM and captured with CT/C-arm/MRI/fMRI all are applicable in Excelim-04 surgical navigation system.

  • Advanced optical tracking system tracks real-time 3D position and orientation of active or passive markers attached to surgical tools, to deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability.

  • 3D modeling and simulation method of anatomical structures in material (like skin, skull, brain tissue or target lesion) can be easily self-defined for surgical convenience.

  • With navigation probe and advanced optical measurement technology integrated, surgeon can easily quantify the size and position of lesions,  then design surgical approach the scientific way.

  • The system provides operators four navigation modes for all-round monitoring of navigation process.

  • The intelligent software will help calibrate and compensate for unexpected anatomical-structure change and brain shift induced by removal of intracranial lesion area.

  • Excelim-04 navigation system can be operated with surgeon mouse or touchmonitor mounted on the mobile cart or ceiling-suspension arm.

  • The system automatically save all patient image data and registration information, so as to let surgeon quickly load and continue surgical navigation against unexpected cut-off of electricity supply.


  • Excelim-04 optical surgical navigation system can be used for all neurological and ENT surgeries, especially in deep-seated intracranial lesions, intracranial lesions of small volume, intracranial lesions of unclear invasive edge and minimally invasive surgeries.

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