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Heal Force Digital NICU Overall Solutions Matter for Newborns

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-02-08      Origin: Heal Force

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Choose Heal Force Digital Neonatal Intensive Care Overall Solutions to care for the health of newborns!

In order to effectively protect the life safety and health of pregnant mothers and babies to the greatest extent, We must do a good job of reserving medical resources. Maternal and child healthcare institutions at all levels must make great efforts to strengthen the construction of key departments such as intensive care medicine and anesthesia, improve key facilities such as negative pressure delivery rooms and intensive care units, and be fully equipped with emergency first aid, critical care, inspection and testing instruments, making a good reserve of medical consumables, medicines, protective equipments, and disinfection supplies, and prepare enough antigen test kits.

Heal Force Group launches Digital Neonatal Intensive Care Overall Solution to comprehensively support the medical service guarantee of critical neonatal treatment centers around the world. According to the clinical treatment characteristics of newborns and the special requirements for nursing, with the daily treatment and nursing process of medical staff as the core, the daily work of the NICU is standardized, streamlined, and informative, which greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff, reduces the work intensity of medical staff in NICU departments, and protects the birth of newborns.

1. Heal Force Neonatal Care

Heal Force Digital Neonatal Intensive Care Overall Solution includes Infant Phototherapy Incubators, Infant Radiant Warmers, Neonatal Pulse Oximeters, Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Units, Multi-functional Medical Pendants, Neonatal Monitors and Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Monitors, which can improve the efficiency of clinical work and ensure the quality of medical staff work. Next, Please follow me and take a quick glance at these Perinatal Care Products.

2. Heal Force Digital Neonatology Overall Solution

1) Infant Radiant Warmer

2. Heal Force FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer

FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer adopts dual protection of hardware and software to prevent overheating of the neonatal treatment environment. The upper and lower blue lights can improve the treatment effect of jaundice. It is equipped with a gas spring tilting device which can be operated by one hand, an X-ray film box and APGAR score timing display, and streamlined base bracket, which can be equipped with other rescue equipments to help medical staff improve the success rate of resuscitation while providing a comfortable and safe treatment environment for newborns. It is suitable for low-weight neonatal patients who are often connected to many catheters in the NICU and require frequent care and rescue, helping neonatal patients survive the danger.

2) Neonatal Monitor

3. Heal Force Apollo N1-A Neonatal Monitor

In view of the weak vital signs of newborns, Heal Force launches the Apollo N1 series Neonatal Monitor. It has a "breathing measurement algorithm" with independent intellectual property rights and cooperates with the "suffocation self-rescue module" to efficiently solve the difficult clinical problems of the normal monitoring of neonatal vital signs, making neonatal breath detection no longer difficult.

3) Neonatal Pulse Oximeter

4. Heal Force SP-20 Pulse Oximeter

SP-20 Pulse Oximeter can continuously monitor the blood oxygen saturation of newborns and pay attention to the oxygenation status of newborns at all times. Once abnormalities in pulse rate and blood oxygen are detected, the pulse oximeter will timely send out alarms to help medical staff discover abnormalities in neonatal patients in time and deal with the problems accordingly.

4) Infant Incubator

5. Heal Force YXK-8502D Infant Incubator

YXK-8502D Infant Incubator has functions such as double blue lights, computer servo box temperature control, skin temperature control, humidity display and control, etc. It can provide basic warmth and blue light therapy for newborns. Computer servo makes the temperature and humidity more stable, providing premature babies with a warm and comfortable environment that simulates the mother's uterus. It is suitable for newborns and premature babies who need fast therapy, frequent nursing, and humidity requirements for the incubator.

5) NICU Information System Management Software

6. Heal Force NICU Information System Management Software

NICU Information System Management Software is based on clinical processes, which can realize uninterrupted records in the process of neonatal treatment and nursing, improve the accuracy of medical staff's document records, and can also be dynamically linked with other hospital information systems in real time to realize hospital information sharing. At the same time, it can reduce the workload of nursing staff, improve work efficiency, ensure the quality of documents, and save more time to take care of neonatal patients.

Heal Force Group has always been adhering to scientific and technological innovation, being committed to providing cost-effective digital neonatology and digital rehabilitation centers overall solutions for major pediatric hospitals, neonatal treatment centers, maternal and child healthcare centers and other institutions around the world. Our goal is to assist relevant medical institutions to successfully complete the integrated procurement of medical equipment and expand the treatment capabilities of the NICU, jointly promoting the high-quality development of digital medicine in the neonatology department.

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