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Why do Babies Need Infant Incubators?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-02-22      Origin: Heal Force

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Do you know why babies need infant incubators? Follow me and take a look right now.

Entering the neonatal ward, the first thing that catches your eye is a row of transparent boxes, in which the babies are sleeping peacefully. What are these transparent boxes? What is the purpose of these transparent boxes? Why do babies sleep in them?

2. infant incubator 1

Not surprisingly, these are infant incubators. Newborns with younger gestational age are often less able to adapt to the external environment because the outside bacteria and changing temperature will cause great harm to them. Therefore, entering the infant incubator is the best choice for premature babies.

1. What is an infant incubator?

The infant incubator scientifically simulates the environment of the fetus in the womb, creating a constant temperature, constant humidity, and noise-free development space for newborns. And because it is isolated from the outside world, there are few bacterial infections, which can stabilize the condition and body temperature of newborns, thereby improving the survival rate of newborns. Most of the newborns entering the infant incubators are premature, low birth weight, and high-risk infants. Due to their incomplete development in all aspects and unstable temperature control, they cannot adapt to the external environment smoothly after leaving the womb. Therefore, these newborns need to enter infant incubators for the incubation transition.

2. infant incubator

2. Is the infant incubator safe? Will the infant incubator burn the baby?

Parents don't have to worry about these problems at all. During the period of being monitored in the infant incubator, newborns will receive round-the-clock, all-round diagnosis, treatment, and care from medical staff. Special personnel will regularly test and disinfect the infant incubator and medical equipment every day to ensure the safety of the infant incubators. Moreover, the body of the infant incubator is equipped with multiple automatic protection devices. The normal maximum temperature of the infant incubator is 37℃. If the temperature is lower than or exceeds the set temperature, it will automatically send out alarms, so as long as the operation is standardized and the monitoring is strengthened, dangerous problems will not occur.

3. Why choose Heal Force YXK-8502D Infant Incubator?

Newborns, especially premature infants, have a low immune function. The infant incubator is an important place to keep babies warm, fed, treated, and rescued. Since the launch of Heal Force Infant Incubators, they have won the recognition of many medical institutions with the advantages of science, convenience and safety, making great contributions to improving the level of neonatal care.

Heal Force YXK-8502D Infant Incubator has functions such as double blue lights, computer servo box temperature control, skin temperature control, humidity display and control, etc. It can provide basic warmth and blue light therapy for newborns. Computer servo makes the temperature and humidity more stable, providing newborns with a warm and comfortable environment that simulates the mother's uterus. It is suitable for newborns and premature babies who need fast jaundice therapy, frequent nursing, and humidity requirements for the incubator.

3. infant incubator

1) High Stability

Heal Force YXK-8502D Infant Incubator has strict product testing and has passed 48 quality factory inspection systems. The temperature, humidity and bed surface temperature of the infant incubator are stable.

2) Double Blue Lights

Heal Force YXK-8502D Infant Incubator has the upper and lower double blue lights function, and the illumination area is larger and more uniform, which greatly reduces the treatment time for neonatal patients with jaundice, realizes the effect of nursing incubator combined with double blue lights treatment, and efficiently improves the turnover rate of beds.

3) High Flexibility

The two-in-one design of the infant incubator and blue lights has the function of timing. The light intensity and light time can be adjusted by yourself. The upper blue light can be moved horizontally as a whole, newborns can complete the imaging without being moved outside the incubator, and medical staff does not need to operate frequently, which helps to improve the comfort of newborns.

4. infant incubator

4) The inclination angle of the bed surface is adjustable.

The inclination angle of the bed can be adjusted according to different clinical needs. There is no need to move frequently while treating newborns, which can not only reduce the cross-infection rate, but also reduce the discomfort of newborns caused by frequent turning.

5. infant incubator

Heal Force YXK-8502D Infant Incubator combines the advantages of Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Units and Infant Incubators. Compared with the traditional infant incubator, our YXK-8502D infant incubator has better functions and highlights. It can help medical staff provide one-stop operation management for newborns, such as keeping warm and phototherapy, and improve the work efficiency of medical staff in the neonatology department.

Heal Force Group has always been focusing on scientific and technological innovation, adhering to the firm concept of "customer-centered, service-centered", and actively paying attention to the needs of neonatal rescue and monitoring. We are always committed to providing digital neonatology overall solutions and neonatal clinical medical products, greatly helping neonatology medical staff, and jointly promoting the high-quality development of neonatology medicine.

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