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How to Choose Medical Pendants?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-02-24      Origin: Heal Force

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Wondering How to Choose Medical Pendants? Let's take a quick glance right now!

With the advancement and development of modern medical service technology, medical pendants, as essential medical rescue auxiliary equipment, are becoming more and more popular in medical environments. Medical Pendants can be seen in departments such as operating rooms, ICU, and endoscopy centers. Due to the different needs of specific departments, the functions of the required medical pendants are also different. Let's explore what kind of medical pendant is suitable for ICU!

2. icu pendant

1. Heal Force Medical Pendant Configuration Suggestions in the ICU are as follows. Let's take a look right now!

1) Suspended Column-based Medical Pendant

In the design process of ICU wards, in order to solve the messy placement of various gas pipelines and power supplies, and the need to place patient monitors, defibrillators, infusion pumps, syringe pumps and ventilators, most of them adopt centralized gas and power supply designs.

The Suspended Column-based Medical Pendant has the advantages of a compact structure, less space occupation, and good expandability. It can form a multi-functional medical column system with rescue equipment such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, and defibrillators, creating a more efficient, safer, and cleaner working environment for medical staff. It is suitable for open ICU model.

2) Double Arm Pendant

In recent years, double-arms pendant systems are installed in the ICU wards of many hospitals. However, the double-arms medical pendant currently has strict requirements on the lateral space. If there is not enough space between the two arms, these two arms will interfere with each other, affecting the work efficiency of the medical staff. The horizontal span requirements of the space required by the rotating arm medical pendant are much larger than that of the multifunctional medical column system and the bridge type pendant. Therefore, it is more suitable for the single room in the ICU.

Suspended Column-based Medical Pendant

Suspended Column-based Medical Pendant

Double Arm Pendant

Double Arm Pendant

3) Bridge Type Pendant

The bridge type pendant can realize dry and wet separation arrangement, and the left and right instrument hangers and rotating infusion arm can move sideways and rotate, thus greatly improving the freedom of medical staff work. Therefore, whether in domestic or foreign ICU wards, the application range of the bridge type pendant is very wide, but the distance between the reasonable installation position of the bridge type pendant and its adjacent equipment is a key issue that needs to be carefully considered by the person in charge of the hospital.

4. ICU Pendant4. ICU Pendant

ICUs in different hospitals can choose different pendant system modes, but no matter which mode is adopted, some requirements are necessary and common. For example:

1) The number of gas source sockets for each bed must be more than two groups (refers to oxygen, negative pressure suction, compressed air);

2) The number of power sockets must be guaranteed to be 10-20 per hospital bed;

3) The monitoring, diagnosis and treatment network ports and special treatment lights required for ICU patients must be arranged reasonably on the pendant system;

4) All kinds of medical installation accessories on the pendant system (display bracket, monitor bracket, infusion pump bracket, etc.) must be matched with the medical equipment used by the hospital, otherwise, the use efficiency of such equipment on the pendant system will be greatly reduced.

2. Heal Force can provide you with modular and customized medical pendant solutions.

Heal Force Medical Pendant adopts the installation method of modular terminals, which can efficiently help different medical pendant installation requirements of the hospitals. The adjacent gas ports and power sockets can be arranged and adjusted according to the requirements of different ICU on-site equipment, reducing the space interference between gas source port equipment accessories.

5. medical pendant

Heal Force medical pendants series are constantly innovating, with the advantages of excellent design, precision manufacturing, safety and reliability, high standardization, etc., and have already obtained a large number of certifications. According to different ICU ward use environments, we can provide you with reasonable equipment combination solutions, scientifically saving use space for customers, and helping improve the efficiency and safety of operating rooms and daily wards nursing work.

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