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Why Choose Heal Force Neonatal Monitor?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-09-06      Origin: Heal Force

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Are you looking for a reliable neonatal monitor? Look no further! Choose Heal Force Apollo N1-A Neonatal Monitor for top-notch quality and unmatched performance. Our neonatal monitor provides accurate and real-time data, ensuring the safety and well-being of newborns.

2. Heal Force Apollo N1-A Neonatal Monitor

Heal Force Apollo N1 series Neonatal Monitor has a "breathing measurement algorithm" with independent intellectual property rights and cooperates with the "suffocation self-rescue module" to efficiently solve the difficult clinical problems of the normal monitoring of neonatal vital signs, making neonatal breath detection no longer difficult.

Heal Force Apollo N1 series Neonatal Monitor is a high-quality partner of the infant incubator in the NICU department. Wondering why choose Heal Force Neonatal Monitor rather than other brands? Here are 9 detailed reasons. Let's take a look right now!

1) Special module for neonatal blood pressure measurement 

Adopting the special module for neonatal blood pressure measurement of American Suntech, it can achieve accurate measurement of neonatal blood pressure in the case of premature infants with sepsis or cardiac insufficiency, assisting the doctor to formulate a targeted treatment plan by observing the heart rate changes in the same period and the blood pressure list statistics on the monitoring interface.

3. Neonatal Monitor

1. Neonatal Monitor

4. Neonatal Monitor

2) Pulse Oximetry Detection Technology

Using the American masimo blood oxygen measurement module, it successfully solved the difficult problem that the arterial blood oxygen saturation of neonates could not be accurately measured in the case of body motion and low peripheral perfusion, and won valuable time for clinical treatment.

3) Respiratory suffocation self-rescue

The apnea self-rescue function can be automatically activated when the newborn has apnea or suffocation. The suffocation self-rescue module is adopted to give the neonatal patient a certain amount of foot stimulation through the vibration of the strap in a mechanical and non-invasive way, so as to avoid frequent apnea in the newborn, so that the newborn can be properly stimulated in the secondary apnea stage, which can be used to earlier discover the signs of respiratory diseases and strive for more opportunities for clinical treatment.

4) Multi-group lead respiration detection module

In view of the special physical condition of newborns with abdominal breathing and more body movement, a targeted breathing algorithm is adopted, and the selection of multiple sets of breathing leads can obtain an accurate breathing rate.

5) Preset parameter ranges suitable for neonates

Adopt the parameter range suitable for the neonatal stage, preset the neonatal-specific parameter warning range through the software, and cooperate with professional neonatal accessories to obtain accurate measurement data.

6) Real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration

Through the oxygen concentration sensor, the oxygen concentration in the infant incubator is monitored in real time, and the trend chart combined with the blood oxygen saturation is provided for comparison, and the time and intensity of oxygen therapy are promptly prompted for control to avoid retinal damage caused by excessive oxygen therapy.

7) Wider paper tape printing

5. Neonatal Monitor

The 112mm wide paper tape printer has a wider page than the 50mm of traditional adult monitors, which is convenient for printing respiratory oxygenogram (CRG) records required for neonatal monitoring. The front of the printing paper tape is output, which is convenient to take and saves the operating space at the same time.

8) Leads and straps for newborns

8. Leads and straps for newborns

The material used for the leads and straps will not cause skin allergies in newborns.

9) Connect to ZD100 central monitoring system

Through the ZD100 central monitoring system, the NICU central station can be connected to multiple neonatal monitors, the monitoring and alarm information can be displayed in real time, and the two-way control can reduce the workload of patrol nurses. The function of storing single case data for 6 days allows doctors to review the dynamic changes of monitoring data and assist in summarizing treatment effects.

Apollo N1 series neonatal monitor is an important component of Heal Force integrated NICU overall solution. Combined with Heal Force Infant Radiant Warmer, Infant Incubator, blue light therapy device, Medical Ceiling Pendant and other equipments, through the integration of ZD100 central monitoring system, a complete set of integrated neonatal treatment and nursing solutions can be formed, helping improve the overall informatization level of the neonatal department.

With advanced technology and user-friendly features, healthcare professionals can easily monitor vital signs and detect any abnormalities. Trust Heal Force for our proven track record in the medical industry. Don't compromise on your baby's health. Choose Heal Force Neonatal Monitor for peace of mind.

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