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Guarding Lives in the ICU: Introducing the Heal Force Apollo N4 Patient Monitor

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-09-04      Origin: Heal Force

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Want to protect the life signals of critically ill patients in the ICU? Choose Heal Force Apollo N4 ICU Patient Monitor right now. With the rapid development of medical technology, patient monitors have been widely used in various clinical departments. Especially in the ICU intensive care unit, patient monitors can monitor patients' vital signs in real time, help medical staff understand patients' conditions, and solve emergencies in a timely manner.

2. Patient Monitor(1)

The intensive care unit is different from the general ward. Most of the critically ill patients change rapidly and have a high risk of death, which puts strict requirements on the patient monitoring system. The patient monitor specially designed for ICU must accurately capture the subtle changes in vital signs and various physiological parameters of patients, and provide real-time feedback to medical staff, while providing long-term continuous monitoring for patients in complex ward environments.

Once the patient's physical condition exceeds the normal range, the ICU patient monitor needs to send out an alarm immediately, so that the medical staff can quickly arrive at the patient's bedside, give analysis and treatment, and ensure that the patient's vital signs are stable.

Wondering why choose Heal Force Apollo N4 ICU Patient Monitor rather than brands? Here are the 5 detailed reasons. Let's take a look right now!

2. Patient Monitor(2)

Apollo N4 Patient Monitor

3. Patient Monitor

High brightness touch screen

Heal Force Apollo N4 ICU Patient Monitor with a high-performance processor can adapt to the complex working environment of the ICU. It can upgrade EtCO2, IBP and other functions, and cooperate with stable parameter modules to provide long-term and accurate monitoring for clinical critically ill patients.

1) High brightness touch screen

The Apollo N4 patient monitor uses a 15-inch LED high-brightness touch screen. There are two modes of interface operation: touch screen and shuttle mouse. It is light and thin and easy to operate.

2) Various optional monitoring interfaces

Our Apollo N4 ICU Patient Monitor can complete multiple monitoring of 7-lead ECG, heart rate, pulse rate, blood oxygen, etc., and can automatically save various parameter waveforms, alarm events, etc. Comprehensive software functions, simple and fast operation mode, can better meet the monitoring needs of different critically ill patients.

4. Patient Monitor

Various optional monitoring interfaces

5. Patient Monitor

Rich functional interfaces

3) Rich functional interfaces

The Apollo N4 ICU Patient Monitor can be connected to an external VGA mirror display, and has the function of observing on other beds, which is convenient for medical staff to observe. At the same time, it supports the import and export of basic patient information data on different monitors through the USB interface.

4) Multiple measurement techniques

The Apollo N4 Patient Monitor can be configured with the American Masimo SpO2 Measurement Module, which has fast monitoring speed and higher accuracy, and can provide valuable diagnostic data support during the surgery.

6. Patient Monitor

5) Digital central network monitoring system

The Apollo N4 ICU Patient Monitor can be upgraded to the central networking function, connected to the ZD100 central monitoring system, and at the same time connected to the wireless network through WIFI, which can realize the exchange of monitoring information among multiple monitors without connecting wires, and form a digital central monitoring network system to help medical institutions solve the problem of simultaneous monitoring different critically ill patients, providing high-quality and complete Digital ICU Overall Solutions for major hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

7. Patient Monitor

In the future, Heal Force will continue to focus on the clinical needs of front-line medical staff, continuously improve the smart digital integrated operating room and digital anesthesia and critical care overall solutions, and improve the monitoring and management of patients through continuous innovative design and product research and development, providing medical staff and patients with more professional and high-quality services.

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