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Academic Feast——Heal Force Neonatology Academic Salon

Author: Company News     Publish Time: 2023-04-06      Origin: Heal Force

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1. Heal Force

4. Heal Force

Academic Feast! At the end of March, the "Heal Force Neonatology Academic Salon" was successfully held. Neonatology Experts and Professors from many well-known pediatric hospitals gathered together to focus on the intelligent development of NICU and discuss the future high-quality development of digital neonatology. These neonatologists visited Heal Force Exhibition Hall, and gave keynote speeches and conference discussions, highly recognizing the contribution of Heal Force in the field of Digital NICU Overall Solutions.


Heal Force

Many experts in neonatology also shared some academic knowledge on neonatology, such as "About Neonatal Hemolysis and Hyperbilirubinemia" and "Application of Heal Force Digital NICU Overall Solution in Clinical Management". Based on their many years of experience in using Heal Force Digital NICU Overall Solutions, these neonatology experts showed a variety of practical application scenarios and cases in neonatology at the academic salon site.

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6. Heal Force

In the future, the development of neonatology will inevitably move from informatization to intelligent development. Heal Force Group is making positive contributions to the intelligent development of neonatology, whether it is in the digital NICU overall solution, or in neonatal care products such as infant incubators and infant radiant warmers.

Operating Room

Heal Force 2

We will continue to provide high-quality digital NICU overall solutions to meet the different personalized work needs of more doctors. Our goal is to promote the high-quality development of neonatal medical institutions such as smart pediatric hospitals and pediatric medical centers, jointly promote the high-level development of neonatology, and protect the safety of newborns together.

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