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Heal Force Digital Operating Room Overall Solution Helps Medical Infrastructure

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2022-12-08      Origin: Heal Force

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Good News! Heal Force Smart Digital Integrated Operating Room Overall Solution helps the new medical infrastructure. Let's take a look right now!

As one of the Top 10 operating room equipments manufacturer and supplier in China with more than 30 years of experience, Heal Force can provide you with suitable and professional digital operating room overall solutions. We have rich practical experience in digital operating room construction as a drafting unit of "Digital Operating Room Construction Standards". Our Digital Operating Room Overall Solution includes the following operating room equipments such as Operating Tables, Ceiling Supply Units, Surgical Shadowless Lights, Electrosurgical Generators, Patient Monitors, Surgical Navigation Systems, Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization, AB1000 Operating Room Integration System, and so on. To meet different customers' needs, Heal Force can provide you with customized digital operating room overall solutions and you can choose the products you need.

4. AB1000Heal Force AB1000 digital operating room system terminal has a compact body and powerful functions. It can complete the collection, distribution, storage, and retrieval of multiple channels of high-definition to 4K image data, audio and video data. It has the characteristics of high-definition link signal transmission, optical fiber transmission without delay, and compatibility with multiple interfaces. Our digital operating room overall solution is suitable for the upgrade from traditional operating rooms to new operating rooms. It only takes 2-3 days to complete the equipment placement and wiring work.

The advantages of Heal Force Smart Digital Integrated Operating Room Overall Solution are as followed.

1) Visual information display

It helps the operator to make the right decision, thereby improving the efficiency and safety of the operation. The display of the multi-information screen can also better solve the problem of visual field of surgical assistant physicians and surgical nursing staff.

1. digital operating room

2) A new method of surgical teaching

Real-time live broadcast of digital operating room can be realized. At the same time, a two-way voice dialogue can be conducted between the observer and the operating room to help students better understand the content of surgical teaching, thereby improving the quality of teaching and training.

2. digital operating room

3) Optimize the comprehensive management of the operating room

The construction of digital operating rooms can reduce a lot of labor costs, improve the efficiency of uploading daily documents, realize the standardized management of perioperative medical records, and strengthen the supervision of the operation process and operating room.

3. digital operating room

If you are interested in our Heal Force Digital Operating Room Overall Solutions, Welcome to contact and consult us right now! We will provide you with customized product solutions and high-quality localization service.


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