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Why do Laboratories Need Water Purification Systems?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-03-16      Origin: Heal Force

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Do you ever wonder why laboratories require water purification systems? Are you finding it challenging to pick the perfect water purification system for your lab? Selecting an Ultrapure Water System that satisfies your laboratory's needs is crucial not only for producing high-quality pure and ultrapure water but also for ensuring experiment’s stability and optimal performance. Now Let’s follow me and explore Heal Force Laboratory Ultrapure Water System Selection Guide.

3. digital laboratory overall solution

How to select the right Laboratory Ultrapure Water System?

1. Stable water quality

Due to the influence of regional, climate and other factors, the water quality of tap water is very unstable, which requires the water purification system to not be affected by the incoming water, and to consistently produce pure water that meets the specifications. Therefore, the reverse osmosis unit must be two-stage reverse osmosis.

2. Save consumables

Frequent replacement of consumables makes the use cost of water purification systems always high. If you choose a water purification system with more purified resins in the purification column, its increasing exchange volume will greatly increase the amount of treated water, and the cost of use will be relatively reduced.

3. Equipment monitoring system

If you want to ensure that the ultrapure water system can always run smoothly and produce water stably, it is necessary to monitor the water purification system in real time.

To sum up, if the ultrapure water system selected by the laboratory can monitor and record the operation status of the water machine, the use of consumables, and the water quality, the experimenter can clearly know the water quality of the produced water, when to replace consumables, which unit of the water machine needs maintenance and so on.

2. Heal Force

Laboratory Water Purification System Purchase Principles

1. Confirm the water consumption

It is necessary for enterprises and customers who want to purchase water purification systems to provide daily water consumption and daily demand for water consumption during peak periods. Therefore, our sales engineers can determine the daily water consumption of the laboratory according to the needs of customers, so as to confirm whether the water production capacity of the equipped water purification system can satisfy your requirements, and select the appropriate model, perform preliminary statistics and calculation of the annual number and cost of replacement of consumables.

2. Confirm water quality requirements

As a user, you need to clarify the purpose of your ultrapure water system and what project it is used for. If you can provide water quality index requirements, such as resistivity, bacteria removal and other indicators, it will be more conducive to the quick selection of water purification systems.

3. Confirm the quality of source water

Enterprises and customers who plan to purchase water purification systems must know the quality of source water at their location, that is, source water hardness, turbidity and other information, and provide source water quality reports as much as possible, so that ultrapure water system manufacturers can judge the source water quality, and select more suitable ultrapure water system for users.

Heal Force Water Purification System——Product Recommendation

Heal Force Smart series Ultrapure Water System Laboratory Solutions can automatically detect and control water quality online, and can provide high-quality laboratory water stably for a long time.

Heal Force Water Purification System can provide Type I pure water, Type II pure water and Type III pure water according to different water quality requirements in different application fields. According to the difference in laboratory water consumption and water supply mode, we recommend the following stand-alone water supply equipment such as desktop and small vertical machines.

4. Water Purification System

Smart Plus High Pure Water System

7. Water Purification System

Smart Ultrapure Water System

5. Water Purification System

Smart ROP&ROE High Pure Water System

Smart Plus High Pure Water System

  1. The intelligent ultrapure Water System uses tap water and pure water as the input water to prepare ultrapure water with a resistivity of 18.2MΩ·cm.

  2. The host is a touch screen operating system, which is flexible and convenient to operate.

  3. Intelligent mobile water intake handle with display, real-time display of water intake parameters.

  4. With TOC online monitoring function, it can monitor TOC indicators (T series).

Smart Ultrapure Water System

The ultrapure water system can use tap water and pure water as the input water to prepare ultrapure water with a resistivity of 18.2MΩ cm, effectively remove TOC, heat sources and other substances, and meet the experimental requirements of high-end analysis, electrophoresis separation, and cell culture.

Smart series ultrapure water system is an intelligent ultrapure water machine, with a design of shape, a mobile handle to take water, water and electricity separation, safety and easy maintenance.

Smart ROP&ROE High Pure Water System

Smart ROP&ROE High Pure Water System uses tap water as the input water to produce Type I pure water that meets the NCCLS standard, which meets many laboratory water requirements and is a substitute for distilled water, bottled water, and deionized water.

The water production volume can be arbitrarily selected from 15-100L/h to meet the needs of different water consumption volumes.


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