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New Product Launch——Heal Force Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System with EDI Module

Author: Company News     Publish Time: 2023-02-16      Origin: Heal Force

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Breaking News! New Product Launch! Heal Force New-Generation Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System equipped with a newly upgraded EDI module is coming. Are you still looking for high-quality Ultrapure Water System? Don't hesitate any more. Choose our star product Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System right now!

Heal Force Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System can provide pure water or ultrapure water that meets various standards for your different types of experiments, helping your experiment research to achieve complete success.

New Product Launch——Heal Force Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System

Smart Plus Series is New-Generation Ultrapure Water System of Heal Force, which can produce pure water and ultrapure water by using tap water as feed or directly produce ultrapure water by using RO water and distilled water as feed. Heal Force New-Generation Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System is a comprehensive upgrade for the Smart series. Smart plus adopts touch screen operating system, flexible and convenient parameter setting; remote water dispenser with display, real-time dynamic grasp of water quality; TOC online detection function, real-time detection of TOC indicators, to meet the water demand of precision analysis equipment; self-developed EDI module replaces the purification column to maintain stable ultrapure water quality; the main unit is designed with all-plastic molds, with exquisite appearance and workmanship, which is very popular among users.

2. Smart Plus Water Purification System

Want to know how our Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System brings you a satisfactory experimental experience? Here are the advantages and highlights of our newly-launched Smart Plus Ultrapure Water System. Let's take a quick glance!

1) Remote Water Dispenser

Smart Plus series comes standard with a remote water dispenser with display, flexible water dispense, linkage with the host, no stagnant water, and real-time display of ultrapure water parameters.

2) 7-inch Colorful Control Console

7-inch colorful control console, easy to operate, can display multiple parameters, including water tank liquid level conductivity/resistivity, temperature, time, etc.

1. Smart Plus Control Console

3) Self-developed and Self-produced EDI Module

Self-developed and self-produced EDI module, stable preparation of high-purity water, no need to replace resin frequently, and reduce maintenance costs in the later period

3. Smart Plus

4) Pretreatment Column Design

Disposable, integrated design pretreatment column, double-column filling, one-time hot pressing, no glue, no leakage, long service life

4. Smart Plus

5) Strong ion exchange Capacity

The improvement of ion exchange efficiency can optimize the processing capacity of the purification column.

6) Resistivity Sensor

Multi-channel, high-precision, 0.01 constant resistivity sensor with temperature compensation and regular calibration

5. Smart Plus

7) Reverse Osmosis Design

The reverse osmosis system adopts a flow-limiting design to effectively protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

8) Multiple Functions Design

It has the functions of linking with the water outlet to record the usage time of the ultraviolet lamp, qualitatively and quantitatively taking ultrapure water and pure water, and alarming the replacement of consumables.

9) Consumables Management Function

Consumables come with RFID radio frequency identification signal, with consumables management function.

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