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How to Choose the Surgical Table for Your Operating Room?

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-03-14      Origin: Heal Force

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Hello, My dear friends. Are you still troubled by choosing a suitable surgical table for your operating room? Don't worry, Let's take a look at the following Heal Force Operating Table Selection Guide right now.

The operating table is one of the common medical devices during surgery. It mainly plays the role of supporting the patient's body, adjusting the surgical position, and fully exposing the surgical field. However, different types of surgery have different requirements for operating tables. In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of surgery, it is required that the matching operating tables should meet the corresponding special requirements.

Now please follow me and explore what types of operating tables are suitable for four different specialized operating rooms!

1. The Recommended Configurations of Heal Force Operating Tables for Different Departments

2. Operating Table

Neurosurgery and Ophthalmology

3. Operating Table

Urology and Gynecology

4. Operating Table

Trauma Surgery

1) Neurosurgery and Ophthalmology

Recommended model: HFease600 Integrated Operating Table or HFease400L Integrated Operating Table

Most neurosurgery and ophthalmology operations are performed on the head area of the patient. Physicians generally perform operations in a sitting position. Therefore, surgeons have special and strict requirements for the height of the operating table. The common horizontal height of the operating table is between 600 and 1000mm, and the height of most operating tables can be as low as 550mm by adjusting to a head-down position.

2) Urology and Gynecology

Recommended model: HFease400 Integrated Operating Table

Urology and Gynecology surgery usually adopts the bladder lithotomy position, and it is necessary to leave enough space under the operating table seat plate, so as not to affect the surgeon's standing position, and there must be no metal coverings.

3) Spine Surgery and Vascular Surgery

Recommended model: HFease600 Integrated Operating Table

In the specialized operations of spine surgery and vascular surgery, medical devices such as C-arms are usually used. First, You should consider whether the space from the operating table to the ground can meet the use of C-arms. Generally, it can be achieved by moving the bed horizontally during the operation. You can also choose an eccentric bedpost or reset the bed boards before the operation (head and foot plates are interchangeable). If there is about 1100mm of barrier-free space under the bed surface, it can basically meet the requirements for using the C-arm during surgery. Secondly, in order to ensure the clear imaging of the C-arm during the operation, a full carbon fiber bed board can be selected to achieve a better perspective effect.

4) Trauma Surgery

For departments that require intraoperative position traction, general hospitals tend to choose general surgical tables, matching orthopedic traction brackets, and special accessories for orthopedic surgery.

2. Why Choose Heal Force HFease series Integrated Operating Tables?

We can provide you with a variety of Integrated Operating Tables for clinical selection. The horizontal height of the HFease600 Integrated Operating Table is between 600mm and 1100mm, and the height can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of different types of postural surgery. In addition, Our HFease600 Integrated Operating Table also has a 350mm electric horizontal movement function, which can meet the use of the C-arm during the surgery.

Our HFease600 Integrated Operating Table can be equipped with professional operating table accessories, which are perfectly suitable for most surgical needs.

In addition, Heal Force can offer you professional solutions for different surgeries. For example, our HFease400L Integrated Operating Table suitable for neurosurgery and ophthalmology has an ultra-low body position of 550mm, which can better help surgeons perform operations.

Heal Force Integrated Operating Table series is committed to improving the comfort of patients and optimizing the operation steps of surgeons and has won unanimous recognition from clinical patients and doctors. Heal Force will continuously improve product standards, and continue to provide digital operating room overall solutions and high-quality products and services for medical staff, being committed to the vigorous development of the medical device industry all over the world.

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