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Clean Bench vs Biological Safety Cabinet

Author: Blog     Publish Time: 2023-03-06      Origin: Heal Force

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Come here, everyone, Here is a question, See if you recognize Clean Benches and Biological Safety Cabinets?

Question: Which one is the Biological Safety Cabinet and which one is the Clean Bench in Picture 1 and Picture 2?

1. Clean Bench_副本

Picture 1

2. Biological Safety Cabinet_副本

Picture 2

Now let's take a look at the correct answer and see if you got it right.

Answer: Picture 1 is a Clean Bench; Picture 2 is a Biological Safety Cabinet

Next, follow me to explore the differences between Clean Benches and Biological Safety Cabinets!

Although Clean Benches and Biological Safety Cabinets look similar, they have essential differences. Next, I will elaborate on the differences between them from the three aspects of functions, structures, and uses.

1) different functions

The Clean Bench is an important purification equipment that uses air purification technology to achieve local clean environment protection;

Biological Safety Cabinets can not only provide a local clean working environment but also filter aerosols generated during experimental operations to prevent harmful substances from polluting the environment and causing health hazards to experimenters.

2) different structures

The working area of most Clean Benches is under positive pressure. With the blower, the air on the top of the equipment is directly transmitted to the working area through the filter system to form air pressure and then discharged from the front window.

The working area of the Biological Safety Cabinet is under negative pressure, which can prevent the aerosol in the experimental sample from escaping through the front window. Its interior separately filters the airflow through the working area and the exhaust airflow.

Clean Bench VS Biological Safety Cabinet

3) different uses

The Clean Bench is suitable for non-toxic and harmless operation objects, generally used in hospitals, biopharmaceuticals, food, medical science experiments, optics, electronics, sterile room experiments, sterile microbial inspection, plant tissue culture inoculation, and other scientific research and production departments that require a local clean and sterile working environment.

The use of Biological Safety Cabinets is more suitable for experiments with volatile chemicals and volatile radionuclides.

Heal Force AlphaClean 1300 Clean Bench Features and Advantages Introduction are as follows.

Heal Force AlphaClean 1300 Clean Bench has a cleanliness of up to 100 grades. It is widely used in biopharmaceuticals, medical and health care, university scientific research laboratories, optoelectronics, microelectronics manufacturing and other fields.

1) Intelligent control of colorful LCD multi-parameter display: the real-time display of wind speed, flow, temperature, time, life, system status and other information, with password lock function, easy to manage

6. AlphaClean 1300 Clean Bench

2) One-piece integrated HEPA filter with a filtration efficiency of 99.995% and a filter life monitoring function

3) The micro-wind speed sensor monitors the wind speed in real time and dynamically, allowing users to truly grasp whether the equipment is running safely.

7. AlphaClean 1300 Clean Bench

one-piece integrated HEPA filter

8. AlphaClean 1300 Clean Bench

micro-wind speed sensor

4) Standard glass door lock function, convenient for laboratory equipment management

9. AlphaClean 1300 Clean Bench

Heal Force Group insists on creating an excellent international laboratory instrument brand with ingenuity and quality. Our digital laboratory overall solution covers different types of life science laboratory instruments such as Biological Safety Cabinets, CO2 Incubators, Centrifuges, PCR Thermal Cyclers, Water Purification Systems, and Clean Benches. They are widely used in universities, scientific research institutions, biotechnology, clinical institutions, cell culture, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and other fields, which can help improve the safety and management level of laboratories.

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