Inspiring!New Real-time PCR

After more than 20 years of development, real-time PCR has become one of the indispensable detection methods in the field of molecular biology, with advantages of high sensitivity, strong specificity, rapid and simple. However, due to the large size, inconvenient movement, strong dependence on power and other factors, the application scenarios of conventional laboratory real-time …


Physical examination unexpectedly arrhythmia?? Don’t panic! Maybe it’s just the measurement

Electrocardiogram is mandatory in physical examination, but many people can appear after examination arrhythmia this one conclusion. There are many types of arrhythmias, and the common ones in the physical examination are as follows: 1. Sinus arrhythmia this situation is more common in healthy children, mostly due to sinus node dysplasia, often asymptomatic, do not …


Ceiling Pendant Hanging Solution and Display Program in Digital Operating Room Endoscopy Center

Heal Force Ceiling Pendant Hanging Solution and Display Program in Digital Operating Room Endoscopy Center is dedicated to solving the re-requirements of the operating room pendant, which is suitable for newly-built endoscopy centers and old operating rooms transformation. We fully consider the requirements of intelligence, clinical digitization, and refined management in the endoscopic minimally invasive operating room, and provide …

Anesthesia Machine

The Essentiality of ETCO2 Monitoring in Clinical Anesthesia

The advent of the capnography for monitoring end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) is a major advancement in the use of non-invasive technology to monitor PF (pulmonary function), especially pulmonary ventilation function. It makes it possible to monitor patients continuously and quantitatively at the bedside to provide clear indicators for respiratory support management, especially for anesthesia patients, …


How to use Blood Pressure Oximeters correctly

Blood pressure oximeters are the most commonly used auxiliary tool for self-measurement of blood pressure in hospital departments and families. Wrong measurement methods will not only cause unnecessary “hypertension” in normal people, but also affect the time, dosage, and compliance of hypertensive patients. Today, I compiled the 8 points of attention when measuring blood pressure …


Why Do We Need A Medicine Kit Box?

Necessity for Buying A Medicine Kit Box In recent years, in order to improve the health industry system and expand the consumption of health services, the National Development and Reform Commission has advocated the formation of healthy consumption concepts and healthy lifestyles for the whole society, and encouraged families to store medical aid boxes. The …


Postpartum Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Is it just a necessity for a new mom with natural childbirth?

Over recent years the domestic rate of cesarean section has declined, but a quite few pregnant women are still have misunderstandings that “cesarean section is safer and will not cause vaginal relaxation” or “the body will not be out of shape after the cesarean section”, etc. These misconceptions have affected the delivery methods and postpartum …

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