CO2 Incubator
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Heal Force HF90 CO2 Incubator——Product Recommendation

HF90 is an air jacketed, direct heat CO2 incubator, with 90 ℃ moist heat decontamination system. Key Points Preventive contamination control 90℃ decontamination system Superior usability and convenient Precise CO2 control and immediate recovery HF90 CO2 Incubator Attentive, attentive, well-designed. High quality helps scientific research. Why are more and more scientific experiments using our CO2 …

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This time, Heal Force fight for Shanghai!

The new crown epidemic is “cold in the spring”. Since the epidemic began in March, the local epidemic in Shanghai has been spreading in multiple locations, paralleling multiple chains, concealing transmission, and spreading rapidly. Shanghai, we breathe with you and share the same destiny. Under the epidemic, everyone plays a different role and assumes different …

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Technology helps the elderly, Heal Force Electric Patient Bed meets the needs of the elderly

The development of an aging society According to the “Seventh National Census” data, China’s elderly population aged 60 and above is 264.02 million, accounting for 18.70% (among which, the population aged 65 and above is 190.64 million, accounting for 13.50%). China has entered a deeply aging society, and aging has spawned multi-level and diversified pension …

Biological Safety Cabinet
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Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet helps Zhejiang Nucleic Acid Testing Base

Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet helps Nucleic Acid Testing Bases. Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet helps Nucleic Acid Testing bases to be implemented Recently, the construction of nucleic acid testing bases has been intensively deployed in many places in Zhejiang. Heal Force Group’s instruments and equipments have successively assisted the installation and implementation of large-scale …

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