“Testing has played a critical role in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 in countries around the world. Since the outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in early March 2020, hundreds of millions of tests have been carried out.”

The RT-PCR test is the standard test for the coronavirus pandemic. It is used for its high sensitivity, which enables it to detect early infection. Therefore, the need for early detection is propelling the PCR and real-time PCR testing market.

Early detection plays a key role in treating coronavirus-infected patients. The real-time RT-PCR technique is a highly sensitive and specific testing method that can deliver a reliable diagnosis in a few hours. To achieve the final detection of the confirmed virus, a real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument is needed. The key to whether the equipment can detect the confirmed virus and its working status will directly affect the efficiency and accuracy of virus detection.


The image shows that Mgr Sylwia Nakonieczna (L) i dr Radosław Szlązak (R) at working in the Genomics Diagnostic Laboratory in Lublin. The machine placed on the table is our star product, X960 real-time PCR detection system, a pioneering optical technology of real-time PCR machine that provides sensitive detection for precise quantification and target discrimination.

X960 Introduction

X960 is a fully automatic medical PCR analysis system with standard 96-well gold-plated module, semiconductor technology ensures temperature control, high-brightness monochromatic LED light source, long life and maintenance-free, scientific-grade refrigerated CCD fluorescence acquisition device, to collect all sample data at the same time. It applied in multiple experiments such as gradient PCR, TouchDown PCR, and long PCR.

Fast processing and powerful networked functions

▲ Samsung Cortex-A8 CPU, maximum operating frequency: 1GHz
with wired connection or wireless connection (with Wi-Fi module), optional tablet PC

Fast and accurate temperature control:

▲ Semiconductor heating and cooling, independent temperature control in six zones
▲ Standard 96-well gold-plated module
▲ The highest temperature rise and fall speed: 5℃/s
▲ Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃

New optical path design without mutual interference:

▲ Long-life LED excitation light source
▲ Unique dual-fiber design with no interference
▲ Full optical path sealed cassette design, made of aluminium

High-throughput synchronous signal acquisition

▲ Industrial-grade high-resolution CCD, with low noise
▲ 96-well high-throughput signal synchronizes signal acquisition

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