In the nighttime sleep environment, blood oxygen saturation can reflect the oxygen status of the body. Heal Force suggests that you can always have Pulse Oximeters at home to measure SpO2, helps monitor sleep oxygen at any time and place, it is better than going to the hospital or clinic for blood oxygen testing.  Pulse oximeter has been widely used in a variety of clinical settings, but it is a money-saving option and an modern intimate choice for home use because of its ease of use, portability, and applicability.

Heal Force Prince-100G

Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Pluse Oximeter Prince-100G is a wrist home sleep monitor. Through sleep monitoring and analysis, it gives us early warning of possible health diseases. The oximeter can display respiration rate, blood oxygen, pulse rate, blood perfusion, pulse volume waveform, pulse intensity histogram. And it can also generate relative sleep report. Simple and easy, it connects with the sleep monitoring APP.

9 Functions Comprehensive Monitoring

To Guard a Goog-night Sleep

Multiple Platform Capability Records Data

Anytime, Anywhere

Long-lasting Battery Time

Massive Data Storage

Automatic Turn-on/off System, Easy Management

To Sum up, as one of the important health indicators of the body, blood oxygen saturation reflects the respiratory health during sleep. Heal Force kindly reminds you that if the blood oxygen level is low, it is easy to cause symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness, concentration difficulties and memory loss etc. Therefore, if you often feel chest tightness, fatigue, and breathing difficulties, you should pay attention to whether there is a problem with blood oxygen and perform blood oxygen measurements in time. Seek for medical advice if needed.

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