September 29, 2021 is the 22nd World Heart Day.
This year’s theme is “use heart to connect”, emphasizing connection and contact, connecting with heart, and communicating with heart. In the special period of the COVID-19 pandemic, World Heart Alliance proposes to connect with heart, calling on people around the world to communicate with heart to heart, and protect the heart health together.

Heart disease seriously threatens human health

All over the world, heart disease seriously threatens human life and health. Looking at the world, according to WHO statistics, about 17.9 million people die of heart disease worldwide each year, accounting for 31% of all deaths. Looking back at our country, “China Cardiovascular Disease Report” shows that the number of cardiovascular disease patients in China at this stage is 290 million, and almost one in every 10 Chinese is a cardiovascular disease patient.


Fortunately, through diet, exercise, smoking cessation, regular physical examinations, blood pressure and blood sugar control, etc., we can effectively protect our heart health.

5 things to protect our heart health

Healthy diet

One of the important causes of cardiovascular disease is the excessive intake of foods with high fat and cholesterol content. If excessive fat is consumed, fat will accumulate in plaques on the cardiovascular wall, leading to the gradual aggravation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In daily life, you should pay attention to a balanced diet. It is recommended to maintain a diet based on vegetarian food and supplemented by meat.

Proper exercise

Appropriate exercise has multiple effects such as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, losing weight, improving blood vessel function, releasing emotions and relieving stress. Regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day helps maintain cardiovascular health.

Quit smoking and control alcohol

Smoking can cause inflammation of blood vessels, increase blood pressure, affect blood lipids, and cause blood clots. Excessive drinking will increase blood pressure, sympathetic nerve excitement, vasoconstriction, increase cardiac output, and cause sudden heart disease.

Regular physical examination

Regular physical examinations, pay attention to physical changes, and actively control blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar indicators, especially for the elderly, if they have some chronic diseases, they should review regularly and take the medicine on time as directed by the doctor.

Pay attention to chest pain symptoms

There are many reasons for chest pain. When myocardial infarction occurs, the typical symptom is pressure on the front chest. If you feel tightness in your chest and sweating profusely, you must pay close attention to this danger sign.

ECG examination is a convenient and effective way to monitor the health of the heart. Usually physical examination or going to the hospital can only check the ECG for a short and quiet moment. Many heart problems cannot be completely detected. For a comprehensive ECG examination, it is recommended to equip a Dynamic electrocardiogram, which is suitable for ECG monitoring in multiple scenarios, guarding your heart health anytime and anywhere.

Dynamic electrocardiogram, 24H to protect heart health


Heal Force FitPatch-H1 Dynamic electrocardiogram has three monitoring modes, equipped with professional sensors, can efficiently capture ECG signals, supports pacemaker signal monitoring, and can provide data summary analysis of the number of premature beats, ST events, pacing events, etc., you can also enjoy 365 days of remote real-time monitoring by cardiologists in tertiary hospitals (after activating the service).

Three monitoring modes can be selected arbitrarily
Support Bluetooth low energy transmission
No wire binding, easy to wear

Medical-grade ECG waveform
28 types of arrhythmia screening
Automatic analysis of heart rate status in the background

Applicable scene:
Arrhythmia screening, heart rate monitoring and early warning, qualitative and quantitative analysis of arrhythmia, postoperative monitoring and drug evaluation, etc.
Target user:
Heart disease patients, middle-aged and elderly people, occupational groups who often stay up late and work overtime and have long-term mental stress, and potential people with cardiovascular disease.

World Heart Day
Let’s start from the heart
Heal Force will stay with you to protect heart health together

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