October 13th is World Health Day. World Health Day aims to encourage countries to hold commemorative events, promote and popularize health knowledge.

For most people, running exercise is a common way of health care in daily life. However, it is not secure to exercise too much at once, especially without guidance from the gymnastics coach.

A4 finger clip oximeter

This finger clip oximeter can monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen, provide a reference guide for you and help you pay attention to your physical condition during exercise.

Heal Force

A4 finger clip oximeter

  • The built-in gravity sensor module supports four-way rotation of the display screen;
  • It is equipped with a flexible finger clip to enhance the detection experience;
  • It has the sound and light alarm function, which can customize the upper and lower alarm limits, and promptly reminds abnormal values.

Upgraded version of silicone finger clip cushion, low pressure

Comfortable to use, suitable for long-term monitoring

With sound and light alarm function

Customizable upper and lower alarm limits

Smart power saving

No signal 8 seconds automatic shutdown

Invitation of Heal Force 128th Canton Fair

In October, the 83rd CMEF will be celebrated!

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