Unconsciously, winter is coming. Winter is the season of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Add clothes in time to prevent colds and pay close attention to the health of the elderly at home.

The key to preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases lies in diligent attention in life, frequent measurement and maintaining a healthy life state.

Why is there a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in winter?

In winter, the temperature is low. In this environment, vasoconstriction often causes blood pressure to rise.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood fat or for people with other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It’s easier to aggravate the condition or cause other complications.

What should you pay attention to for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients?

  • Avoid Waking Up Suddenly

For middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems are relatively fragile. Sudden waking up may produce symptoms such as orthostatic hypotension, causing dizziness and black eyes.

  • Keep Warm

As the temperature drops, too low a temperature can easily cause the coronary arteries to contract and increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, keep warm in winter, pay attention to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and add clothes in time.

  • Moderate Morning Exercise

Many elderly people have the habit of morning exercises. Morning exercises can promote blood circulation, but in winter morning exercises should be moderate. Exercise itself will increase cardiovascular compliance and increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, Xiaokang recommends that everyone considers their own conditions and reasonable and moderate morning exercises.

  • Diligent Measurement, frequent attention

In life, the key to preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is to always pay attention to their own heart health. Xiaokang suggests that you can prepare a fast ECG monitor at home to check your heart health and maintain a healthy life.


Fast ECG Tester

  • Assist family cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health management.

Two Measurement Modes

Fast measurement in 30 seconds
Convenient and fast, testing at any time
  • Simple understanding of ECG knowledge can perform real-time heart rate monitoring to help users discover hidden heart health hazards in time.
  • The word measurement results are easily affected by external factors and are accidental. Continuous measurement of the heart through the lead wire, real-time display of the electrocardiogram, automatic data saving, summary playback, comparative analysis, and convenient periodic observation of historical data.

Bluetooth Transmission Function

  • Through Bluetooth wireless transmission to the mobile phone screen, the monitoring data is synchronized, and preliminary analysis is carried out to realize health data sharing and remote transmission.

Mass Data Storage

  • With automatic data storage function, do not worry about the machine.

Professional Analysis Function

  • The ECG management software can be downloaded on the PC, and the ECG waveform of the measurer can be statistically analyzed and an analysis report can be formed for clinical reference.
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