Electrosurgical Generator

Electrosurgical generator units facilitate therapeutic endoscopy by supplying the high-frequency electrical current required to use many endoscopic accessories. The term electrosurgical energy describes the transformation of alternating electrical current produced by the Electrosurgical generator units into thermal energy within tissue.

High frequency Electrosurgical Generator is a surgical technique related to Diathermy, which is a clinical method that uses high frequency electromagnetic currents for clinical therapy and has surgical applications. Electrosurgery uses alternating current to directly heat the tissue itself. Unlike electrocauterization that uses direct current to heat a probe to a glowing temperature to cauterize the tissue through heat conduction.

Choice is a question of trust. The first time you may have concerns, the second and third time, you will fully trust it. Do you know the reason why Heal Force Electrosurgical Generator attracts loyal users again? Next, I will take you to learn about the story between Heal Force loyal customers and Heal Force high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator.

“Heal Force Electrosurgical Generator works very well, 10 years later I still believe in Heal Force”

In 2012, a hospital in Changsha made the first purchase after in-depth research on Heal Force High-Frequency Electrosurgical Generator. After years of use, the doctors in the operating department are very satisfied with the product quality, equipment performance and after-sales service. In 2020, During the period of the hospital department expansion,they need to purchase Electrosurgical Generator again, and they decisively choose Heal Force EB05 High-Frequency Electrosurgical Generator. In 2022, the hospital’s operating room equipment is upgraded as a whole, and they choose Heal Force again.

Electrosurgical Generator

Heal Force High-Frequency Electrosurgical Generator has been used for ten years and still works normally.

The relevant person in charge of the hospital said, “The main reason why we believe in Heal Force is that Heal Force Products are good and easy to use. Over the years, Heal Force Electrosurgical Generators have a very low failure rate and they are very good and easy to use. It has provided us clinicians with a lot of help. On the other hand, our hospital relatively recognizes the brand of Heal Force. Our hospital has purchased Heal Force Electrosurgical Generator for several times. The first time was in 2012, at that time, Heal Force did not have the scale it is today, but there are two things that moved me most——that is quality and pursuit. Years later, our hospital chose Heal Force Electrosurgical Generator again. I saw that Heal Force has made great progress in terms of product quality and service! “

For ten years, the consistent choice of customers is a full recognition of Heal Force product quality, service, brand, etc. It is also an affirmation of Heal Force continuous commitment to innovation and development in the field of international medical devices for more than 33 years!

As time passes, the quality of products and service improves rapidly

For more than 33 years, Heal Force has always insisted on empowering hospitals and actively developing. On the basis of following the traditional advantages, Heal Force OR Project R&D and Marketing Team closely follows the actual clinical needs, and continuously upgrades and optimizes the appearance and performance of the high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator.

After continuous research and development and practice, Heal Force high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator has added functions such as automatic compensation, power and mode memory, monitoring and early warning, and 9 memory modes, and added working modes such as bipolar cutting, bipolar precise coagulation, and dual output coagulation. Heal Force has achieved product performance in line with international first-line brands, and fully meet the clinical application needs of hospitals at all levels.

Electrosurgical Generator
EB03 high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator
Electrosurgical Generator
EB03D high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator
Electrosurgical Generator
EB05 high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator

Heal Force high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator is widely used in general surgery, neurosurgery, hepatobiliary surgery, orthopedics and other surgeries. Heal Force high-frequency Electrosurgical Generator has been well recognized by the market since its launch.

In 2002, EB03 High-frequency Electrosurgical Generator obtained the test report issued by Shanghai Medical Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the State Drug Administration.

In 2011, EB03 High-frequency Electrosurgical Generator and EB05 High-frequency Electrosurgical Generator were selected as “2011 Medical Equipment Evaluation Selected Products”

In 2018, EB05 High-frequency Electrosurgical Generator was selected into the “China Emergency Rescue Medical Materials Procurement Sample”

In 2019, EB05 High-frequency Electrosurgical Generator products were selected into the “Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalog”

Excellent quality forging excellent brand is the constant belief of Heal Force

Customer satisfaction and reassurance are the driving force of Heal Force continuous development. Thanks to every customer for their trust and support. It is you who believe in Heal Force and choose Heal Force again and again, that makes Heal Force what it is today. In the future, Heal Force will closely follow the clinical needs, benchmark against high international standards, and continue to provide high-quality products and service for medical care and clinic.

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