Necessity for Buying A Medicine Kit Box

In recent years, in order to improve the health industry system and expand the consumption of health services, the National Development and Reform Commission has advocated the formation of healthy consumption concepts and healthy lifestyles for the whole society, and encouraged families to store medical aid boxes.

The medicine kit box should contain protective items, sterilization bandaging, hemostatic tools, commonly used drugs, health testing tools, and other items. Not only that, but the medicines in the medicine kit box are also easy to change with the objective conditions such as sunshine, temperature, humidity, etc. Preparations such as alcohol and iodine should be stored in the dark, and medicines with a strong smell should be stored separately.

How Can the Medicine Kit Box Help you?

Medicine Kit Box
Medicine Kit Box
  • A Good Helper for Homecare

The smart medicine kit box is equipped with masks, tapes, band-aids, anti-fever pastes, and other commonly used protective products. It also has the storage function of medicines and health testing instruments. Through the Internet of Things technology, the health status of the whole family can be controlled at all times. Whether they are small cuts or injuries in daily life, home protection, or family health testing, you can have it all in one box for more comprehensive protection!

  • Versatile with Tiered Storage
  • Homecare Testing Instruments
Blood Pressure Monitor

With intelligent voice broadcasts
Comfortable background music
Armed with 99 groups of memories
With Bluetooth data transmission

GUC-1 Blood Sugar Uric Acid Cholesterol Analyzer

With multiple functions and simple operation
The inserts are equipped with siphon design
Able to automatically recognize blood sugar, uric acid with cholesterol test strips

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

With Bluetooth transmission, data synchronization
Automatic shutdown, and smart power-saving

  • For Protection

The box is equipped with all kinds of protective equipment, whether it is going out or at home, to deal with all kinds of unexpected needs. The included pressure-sensitive tape can fix the surface of the skin, the elastic bandage can wrap and fix the wound, the antipyretic patch can assist in local cooling in a short time, the medical alcohol disinfectant cotton ball can disinfect the wound to prevent infection, and the wound patch can prevent continuous wound infection.

  • Medibase Health Management Software

The National Development and Reform Commission encourages the storage of medical aid kits as a family unit. Heal Force family smart medicine kit uses Internet of Things technology, and the configured testing equipment can be connected via Bluetooth, sharing data on the applet and APP, and recording the health test results of you and your family to realize the whole family’s intelligent chronic disease management; at the same time, it can establish a health file, through the analysis of health data, promptly remind the body of abnormalities, and give relevant improvement suggestions, so that the chronic disease health management and out-of-hospital control are no longer troublesome!

Modern people are busy at work and cannot be guarded by their families anytime and anywhere. Right away to prepare the Heal Force family smart medicine box to help you cross the distance and care for your family forever.

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