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What does a digital operating room look like to a surgeon?

With the continuous development of the medical industry and the growing scale of hospitals, the construction of hospitals also faces many challenges. Taking the surgical operating room as an example, with the increase in the number of surgical operations, the pressure on the operating team is increasing day by day. How to optimize the management efficiency of the operating room, improve the efficiency of medical work, accelerate the training of talents, and break the limitations of surgical training time and space have become the development topic in the construction of many surgical operating rooms.

At this time, building a digital operating room has become a better choice. Some people may not know what good results will be brought about by building a digital operating room. Now follow me to read this article, you will learn much about digital operating room from this article.

operating room

Compared with the digital operating room, the traditional surgical operating room has certain limitations. For example, the layout of the operating room is not standardized, which makes the utilization rate of some surgical equipment low; the hospital cannot conduct digital centralized management of images, images, and surgical videos; The lack of real-time transmission capability of images, data and other information makes it impossible for experts to obtain a more comprehensive basis for decision-making and students to conduct more efficient learning and observation in the operation demonstration, remote consultation and other links.

Therefore, a fully integrated digital surgical operating room has become the mainstream of the development of modern hospitals. It can systematically integrate patient information in a reasonable way, so that surgeons and nurses can obtain more imaging support and unobstructed external information. The entire operation provides an accurate, safe and efficient working environment, and also provides high-quality channels for operation observation, teaching, and remote consultation.

What kind of operating room is the ideal digital operating room in the minds of surgeons?

Comprehensive digital visual record

Whether it is various preoperative medical images, biochemical and physiological indicators, electronic medical records, real-time monitoring of vital signs, or remote surgical guidance and assistance, they can be flexibly displayed on the multi-display terminal screen in the operating room as needed. Helps surgeons make the right decisions, thereby improving surgical efficiency and reducing surgical risks. Heal Force digital integrated operating room provides the entire operation record and can provide a complete visual structural report. The stored data can be retrieved and sorted through retrieval to provide a solid data foundation for future AI.

A new way of teaching surgery

Based on the technical support of the digital network, the real-time live broadcast of the digital operating room can not only output multiple signals synchronously such as surgical procedures, manipulations, and equipment images, but also output various electronic medical records and real-time vital signs data of patients to the observation terminal.

This largely solves the problem of the hospital’s training of medical talents, and also increases the opportunities for academic exchanges between hospitals, real-time communication and interaction inside and outside the operating room, and enhances the sense of presence and interactivity of teaching methods. Two-way voice dialogue can be carried out between the observer and the operating room to help students better understand the content of surgical teaching, thereby improving the quality of teaching and training.

Efficient comprehensive management of operating room

The construction of a digital operating room can reduce a lot of labor costs, such as operation arrangement, personnel arrangement and record management (time, personnel, anesthesia) and other tedious paperwork. Through the data management of the digital operating room, it can be seamlessly Connect to other information systems in the hospital (such as HIS/PACS/LIS and electronic medical records), so that doctors can understand the patient’s past cases in real time, increase the accuracy of judging the patient’s condition, and improve the content of each video and document in the surgical record, strengthening the Surgical procedures and operating room supervision. It can be said that the modules of the digital operating room system are efficiently linked to achieve the quality control management of the entire operation process.

As one of China’s top 100 medical device companies and a pioneer of intelligent operating room medical equipment, Heal Force digital operating room solutions help standardize the application of digital operating rooms, improve hospital management in an all-round way, and accelerate the digital transformation of hospitals through information technology. , to jointly build a new era of digital intelligent therapy in the operating room.

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