BCEIA 2021

The 19th Beijing Analysis and Testing Academic Conference and Exhibition (BCEIA 2021) will be held at Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall) on September 27-29, 2021. The conference will continue to uphold the vision of “Analytical Science Creates the Future” , centering on the theme of “Life, Living and Ecology-Facing a Green Future” to carry out academic seminars, forums and instrument exhibitions.

Laboratory cutting-edge technology

BCEIA academic report will face the frontiers of world science and technology, and face life and health. It will bring together top scientists and academic leaders in the domestic and foreign life science industry, and experts from internationally renowned research institutions will conduct discussions and exchanges on the technologies and applications with the highest interest in the subject. BCEIA2021 Exhibition will focus on displaying domestic and foreign advanced analysis and testing new methods, new technologies, new instruments and equipment, new solutions, etc.

10 professional field reports

Electron microscopy and materials science, mass spectroscopy, spectroscopy, chromatography, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electroanalytical chemistry, analytical techniques in life sciences, environmental analysis, chemometrics and reference materials, and labeling immunoassays.

Heal Force invites you to meet at Beijing International Exhibition Center on September 27-29

Heal Force will bring fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, ultra-clean workbench, CO2 incubator, centrifuge, pure water system, Biolab laboratory IoT cloud platform, low temperature cold chain series and other products to appear in the 19th Beijing Analysis and Testing Academic Conference and Exhibition. Heal Force will present you a series of life science instruments in all directions. At that time, Welcome to visit, experience and communicate with Heal Force.

New Laboratory Product Launch

X320 automatic PCR analysis system equipment

x320 pcr

Deep cooling type high resolution CCD”
Fluorescence signal is collected at the same time of the sample
Imported semiconductor chips, accurate amplification results
A8 processor, the system runs smoothly

HF-180 CO2 incubator

HF-180 CO2 Incubator

8-inch touch screen operation
180℃ high temperature dry heat sterilization
Unique air duct design inside the box
TCD and IR detection sensors are optional
Intelligent and IoT design

Biolab Lab IoT Cloud Platform


Biolab Lab IoT Cloud Platform is independently developed by Heal Force, which can intelligently connect Heal Force biological safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, pure water machines, PCR machines, clean benches, low-temperature refrigerators and other products. Biolab Lab IoT Cloud Platform is an intelligent application system that assists in the management of various equipment in the laboratory. Biolab Lab IoT Cloud Platform can dynamically monitor the use status of each equipment in real time, record and monitor the dynamic changes of each key parameter, give warnings to abnormal parameters, which can realize the overall operation management of the equipment and ensure the accuracy of experimental project in order to improve overall efficiency.

Laboratory Flagship Products

AlphaClean 1300
Clean bench

laboratory clean bench

HFsafeLC series
Biological safety cabinet

Biological safety cabinet

Smart Plus NET
Ultrapure water system

Ultrapure water system

Neofuge 13R
High-speed refrigerated centrifuge

High-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Fully automatic medical PCR analysis system

x960 real-time pcr

HFLTP 86 (400)
Ultra low temperature refrigerator

Ultra low temperature refrigerator

Heal Force has been focusing on the field of medical devices for more than 30 years, continuously improving its innovation ability and product quality. Heal Force is committed to providing complete and reliable laboratory overall solutions. Heal Force’s products are distributed in more than 100 countries and regions. Now,Heal Force is a large-scale medical device manufacturer and supplier.

BCEIA Information

Time: September 27-29, 2021
Venue: Beijing International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall)
Heal Force Booth Number: 3048

Heal Force looks forward to your visit!

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