Don’t be panic when uric acid is high, you don’t have to go to the hospital frequently if you have Heal Force PC-700 Physiological Parameter Detector.

Hyperuricemia means that the fasting blood uric acid level of men is greater than 420 micromol/l and women are greater than 360 micromol/l on two different days under a normal purine diet. Gout is a crystal-associated arthropathy caused by the deposition of urate to the joints. It is directly related to hyperuricemia caused by disturbance of purine metabolism or decreased excretion of uric acid.

Causes of uric acid accumulation

1. Excessive or long-term consumption of high-purine foods, such as seafood, animal offal, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, etc.

2. Problems with purine metabolism in the body are mainly caused by primary, secondary, and renal function problems.

3. Too little excretion, unreasonable diet structure, low water intake, low urination, and poor excretion of uric acid.

4. Uric acid cannot be excreted normally, and then liver and kidney function problems occur, which affects uric acid excretion

Hazards of uric acid accumulation

1. Uric acid accumulation can cause gout. When the human uric acid level reaches a certain level, it may cause acute gouty arthritis, which is extremely painful.

2. Uric acid accumulation does damage to the human kidney. The kidney is the main functional site of urine metabolism. After being injured, kidney cannot metabolize uric acid and forms a cycle of evil.

3. Uric acid accumulation will lead to Hypertension. The insoluble uric acid in the blood forms crystals, which causes the blood to become thick and develops into high blood pressure.

4.Uric acid accumulation can cause Diabetes.When the human body’s uric acid content has been high for a long time, it will break endocrine balance and cause diabetes complications.

What Patients with hyperuricemia should pay attention

A reasonable diet is a supplement. We advocate a balanced diet, eat more celery, bitter gourd, tomatoes, eggplant and other foods, and take a low-purine diet as the mainstay. Self-management is the foundation. Patients should learn more about hyperuricemia and monitor their blood uric acid levels at any time.

In order to solve the problems of patients with high uric acid and other chronic patients who frequently run to the hospital, queue up for registration, and travel back and forth, help them actively manage their physical health and better assist the development of primary medical and public health service systems. Heal Force launched PC-700 Physiological Parameter Detector.

Heal Force PC-700 Physiological Parameter Detector

Intelligent self-service physical examination helps primary medical care

PC-700 Physiological Parameter Detector

Heal Force PC-700 physiological parameter detector integrates informatization, digitization, intelligence, and general medical examination. It can realize the detection of physiological parameters of common diseases, data collection, transmission and interconnection, and comprehensively empower the health construction of primary medical institutions.

Main Functions Introduction

For common chronic diseases such as three highs, Heal Force PC-700 physiological parameter detector can provide 12-lead ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse rate, uric acid, body temperature, blood sugar, heart rate and blood lipids and other rapid detection services for multiple physiological parameters. Moreover, the PC-700 physiological parameter detector can be connected to the Medibase cloud platform independently developed by Heal Force, equipped with an AI artificial intelligence analysis system, providing traditional Chinese medicine physical identification and mental health status evaluation functions.

Eight functional modules

Heal Force physiological parameter tester has eight functional modules including home doctor signing, health records, physical examination and diagnosis, evaluation intervention, statistical analysis, follow-up management, health education, and clinical testing.

Data information sharing

In addition to the health detection of residents, Heal Force PC-700 physiological parameter detector supports the identification of the second-generation resident ID card.It can establish electronic files for residents, realize the management of elderly people and chronic disease management, etc., and cooperate with the provincial primary medical information management system and public health management system, realizing the sharing and interconnection of medical data, and comprehensively improve the information service level of primary medical institutions.

Usage Scenario

It is suitable for basic public health, health management, employee physical examination, chronic disease detection, intelligent elderly care, telemedicine, pharmacy outpatient service, etc.

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