With the development of medical technology and the increasing demand for clinical surgery, the requirements for shadowless surgical lights in various operations are getting higher and higher. In the new era, operating room clinics have put forward very strict parameters such as the illumination, color temperature, and color rendering index of shadowless lights.

Heal Force launched the TOPSUN series of operating lights. The color temperature is adjustable in 10 levels, and the adjustment range is 3650K-5000K. It allows doctors to freely adjust the color temperature when facing different operations or different surgical sites, and restore the true color of human tissue.

TOPSUN Series Operating Light


10-level Color Temperature Adjustment

Light sources with four colors ( Green, Amber, Red, and Warm/Cold/White) high CRI up to (Ra>=95). Meanwhile, the New Light Source requires fewer LEDs to reach an ideal illuminance with lower irradiated heat. The ten-level adjustable color temperature of 3650k-5000k supports doctors to distinguish different tissue types more easily, with less fatigue and more concentration, especially during long-lasting procedures.

Ambient Light Mode 

The chief surgeon spends a long time indoors, which requires the surgical lights to maintain a relatively comfortable lighting environment. When performing minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic surgery, TOPSUN series lights can quickly reduce the illuminance, make the light softer and more comfortable, and make the imaging effect of the operation screen better.

Automatic shadow compensation

During the operation, the doctor’s head and body movements may block the lights and create shadows. TOPSUN Series features an Automatic Illumination Control System that senses the position of the surgeon’s head so as to achieve an excellent shadowless effect by automatically reducing the light bulb illuminance in the blocked area and increases illuminance in other areas. The temperature rise of the surgeon’s head is also lowered to assist the carrying out of the operation.

 Wireless Inductive Dimmable

The doctor only needs to place his hand on the sensing area to adjust the light without the assistance of an assistant, let alone touch any buttons, to adjust the brightness of the light and improve the efficiency of the operation.

Linkage Control between the Two Lamps

You can control the illuminance, color temperature, and spot field diameter of two/three light heads synchronously via the touch panel, convenient for the operator to control the other light head.

Petal-Shaped Appearance

TOPSUN series surgical light integrates lamp panel and handle with high-strength material shell and sleek arc lamp panel. The shape design conforms to aerodynamics, with good airflow and less contamination, which can better meet the requirements of the laminar flow operating room.

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