How much healthy tips have you learned? Wake up early and have a glass of honey lemonade? A cup of yogurt after a meal helps digestion? Or two glasses of juice a day to supplement vitamin C? Such a diet does have certain benefits for the body.But it is also easy to cause a problem-Excessive free sugar intake and unsatisfactory sugar control effect.

free sugar

What is free sugar?

Free sugars are the monosaccharides (fructose, glucose, etc.) and disaccharides (maltose, sucrose, etc.) that are added to food and beverages proposed by World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the sugar naturally present in honey, syrup juice and concentrated juice .

In 2015, “ the Guideline on Sugar Intake for Adults and Children” issued by WHO mentioned that it is recommended that the sugar intake of adults and children should not exceed 10% of the total energy, preferably 5%. For an adult woman, 10% intake is about 45g.

45g sugar seems to be a lot,but it’s easy to overdose when actually ingested. For example, the sugar content of honey is close to 80%. You may intake nearly 20g of free sugars while drinking a cup of honey water. In other words, drinks seemingly natural and healthy such as honey, freshly squeezed juice also have the risk of excess sugar.

What are the free sugars in life?

1. Sugar added in food: white sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, dark brown sugar, glucose, fructose…

2. Commonly used in the food industry: fructose syrup, maltose syrup, starch syrup, glucose syrup and other sweeteners…

3. Seemingly healthy drinks: concentrated fruit juice, honey…


  • Decreased insulin secretion in middle-aged and elderly people will  cause the body’s ability to lower blood sugar to weaken. Therefore, we should be wary of the influence of empiricism.
  • In terms of health tradition, people have to objectively realize the sugar content of food and keep controlling your daily sugar intake.

Good advice for those who have unsatisfactory sugar control effect

  • People with high blood sugar can prepare a blood glucose meter at home
  • Regular blood glucose testing
  • Master your own blood sugar health status
  • Stay away from the risk of high blood sugar

Heal Force Blood Glucose, Uric Acid and Cholesterol 3-in-all Analyzer

Heal Force Blood Glucose, Uric Acid and Cholesterol Analyzer GUC-1ble can automatically identify three test strips of blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol, and support the detection of three physical health parameters. The measurement data is accurate and the measurement results can be used as a reference for daily monitoring of blood sugar and other health conditions. It is suitable for patients with three highs, obesity, gout and middle-aged and elderly people.

Monitor blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol at home

Accurate, convenient and painless

The data is clear at a glance through bluetooth transmission.

 The measurement results are transmitted to the mobile app via Bluetooth and saved automatically. You can say goodbye to paper records, and all data is as plain as daylight.


  • The time for blood glucose measurement is generally 6-8 am in the morning.
  • Do not take hypoglycemic drugs before blood collection.
  • Do not eat breakfast and exercise vigorously. (The hypoglycemic drugs used the night before blood collection can be taken as usual.)
  • To get the true and accurate blood sugar status, stay away from free sugars and reduce sugar intake.
  • Pay attention to blood sugar health, learn to control sugar and lower blood sugar.

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