On the morning of May 22, the 19th Chinese Medical Association Neurosurgery Branch Academic Conference was grandly opened at Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, organized by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association Neurosurgery Branch, catered by the Shanghai Medical Association, and co-organized by the Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University.


The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor Zhong Ping, the executive chairman of the conference and the chairman of the Shanghai Medical Association Neurosurgery Specialist Branch. Academician Zhou Liangfu of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Academician Zhao Jizong of Beijing Tiantan Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Xiuwu Bian of Chinese Academy of Sciences and First Affiliated Hospital of Army Military Medical University gathered together to participate in the grand event.

The opening ceremony announced the list of the first youth editorial board of “Chinese Journal of Neurosurgery (English Edition)”, and displayed the top 10 most-cited authors and the top 10 most readable authors of “Chinese Journal of Neurosurgery (English Edition)”, and summarized the 6th Neurosurgery Young Doctors’ Surgical Skills Show.

A number of neuronavigation products under Fudan Digital Medical, which Heal Force participated in the investment, appeared in the exhibition area of the conference, attracting the attention of many professional scholars and audiences.

Heal Force Excelim-04 neuronavigation system displayed during the conference


Neuronavigation System

surgical navigation system

Excelim-04 neuronavigation system has multiple surgical accuracy guarantees (for brain deformation correction). It can measure distances based on image data. It can provide distance measurement of anatomical positions on two-dimensional tomographic images to assist doctors in designing surgical approaches, direct access to the lesion, help the doctor in real-time tracking of the operation process, improving the rate of lesion resection, and reducing the risk of surgical trauma.

After a lapse of 13 years and in 11 cities, this academic event that neurosurgery professionals all over the country are looking forward to has returned to Shanghai again. Neurosurgery professionals have come along and grown together to participate in this academic and friendship event.

Heal Force always pays attention to the latest academic research progress in the industry. The convening of this academic conference will help the continuous improvement of China’s neurosurgery profession. And we will continue to deepen the field of domestic medical devices and contribute to the advancement of neurosurgery medical industry.

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