On October 19-22, the 83rd CMEF was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Heal Force brought digital medical solutions, anaesthesia critical product solutions, perinatal product solutions, life science equipment and health testing of the Internet of Things The product debuted brilliantly, presenting Heal Force new digital intelligent health IoT solution in an all-round way. The three booths were colourful, attracting many friends in the medical device field to stop and visit, consult on-site, understand product features, and negotiate face-to-face on-site business.

Hall 5.1 D21

Heal Force Medical Comprehensive Exhibition Area

The innovation and transformation of the Internet, big data and smart medical care have created the “digital medical era”. In this CMEF, Heal Force Medical’s comprehensive exhibition area gathered a variety of smart medical innovative products and overall solutions. New high-end modular digital pendant towers made their debut. Digital operating room solutions and neonatology solutions attracted the attention of many exhibiting customers, fully demonstrates Heal Force cutting-edge medical technology.

Enjoy a new digital future. For a long time, Heal Force has insisted on improving innovation capabilities and being clinically demand-oriented to provide medical staff and patients with high-standard, high-quality, and humanized medical products and overall solutions., Ingenuity is preferred.

Staff explain to customers the series of digital operating room products
Perinatal products have attracted the attention of many exhibiting customers
Heal Force mobile C-arm X-ray machine
New product navigation robot
Self-help medical inquiries, caring health helper

Hall 2.1 K07

Heal Force Life Science Instrument Exhibition Area

With powerful product functions, excellent product quality and more user-friendly design, the Heal Force life science instrument series has attracted the attention of many exhibitors. Heal Force biological safety cabinets, fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments, carbon dioxide incubators, ultra-pure water machines, etc. The star products have been widely praised by dealers and customers, and a large number of customers stopped at the Heal Force booth to visit and consult.

Heal Force Life Science Instrument Booth
Star products unveiled one by one
New HF180 carbon dioxide incubator

The Heal Force HF180 carbon dioxide incubator is sterilized by high temperature and dry heat at 180℃, and the HEPA filter is used in the cabinet to better protect the samples and improve the success rate of sensitive cell culture. Both humanized design and efficient sterilization technology attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

The fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument and biological safety cabinet of Heal Force star products for epidemic prevention have attracted great attention from many exhibiting customers. The Heal Force fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument has strong detection capabilities and high efficiency and excellent temperature control capabilities. The biological safety cabinet can be used by experimenters. Provide safety protection and improve the safety of experiments.

Hall 5.1 N13

Heal Force Big Health IoT Exhibition Area

The Heal Force Health Internet of Things series products are diversified health management solutions provided by Likang for primary medical care, public health systems, family doctors, community physical examinations, and smart pharmacies. This exhibition, Likang will bring health cabins and health Products such as the inspection follow-up box and the health all-in-one machine were unveiled, and a variety of products and equipment were freely combined to provide a comprehensive one-stop physical examination solution.

Staff live demonstration
Health room fast physical examination plan
Customer experience smart massage chair
Heal Force health testing machine series

2020 Doctor Group Procurement Conference Likang Roadshow

On the afternoon of October 20th, at the 2020 Doctor Group Procurement Conference, Manager Zhang Jian and Manager Fang Cenhe, on behalf of Likang Biomedical, introduced the group’s product series, focusing on the overall solution of the smart operating room and the home medical series products. The wonderful presentation of Likang’s IoT solutions, Likang’s digital ICU/CCU clinical information management software, anesthesia machines, monitors, rapid ECG monitors and other products have received widespread attention, and users and distributors have come to the booth for consultation and negotiation.

Likang Online VR Booth

At this CMEF exhibition, Heal Force Group makes full use of VR technology to empower the Kang Yun exhibition hall. Friends from the medical device industry from all over the world can experience the “charm” of Heal Force products in the VR world!

Medical booth
Instrument booth
Home Booth

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