According to a report recently released by Business Insider, the global medical Internet of Things (IoMT) market is predicted to grow to US$158 billion in 2022, compared with US$41 billion in 2017, which shows the broad development prospects of the market. The analysis predicts that by the end of this year, the number of installed IoT devices for smart medical care will exceed 161 million units, opening a new round of medical IoT development.


The aging population and the increasing cost of care have caused the medical and healthcare industries to find innovative ways to solve operational, clinical, and financial challenges. With the development of sensor technology, the demand for wearable devices for alarm and patient monitoring is also increasing, which is driving the growth of the global medical Internet of Things (IoMT) market. Recently, IoT applications such as intelligent medical guidance robots and remote consultations have played a significant role, boosting the rapid development of the medical IoT market.

The Development Potential of Medical IoT

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, medical technology has also been further developed under the influence of the network. The medical Internet of Things can further improve the work efficiency of medical staff, reduce the cost of medical care and open more new methods of health management and chronic disease medical treatment.

At the same time, digital health will also become one of the development directions of the healthcare industry. In the future, the connectivity and scalability of the new IoMT ecosystem will continue to help modern medical care create greater value, increase clinical utility, and open up more market opportunities to help primary medical care, community medical construction and users’ daily health Management and chronic disease detection.

Telemedicine Solution of Heal Force

“Telemedicine solution” is a professional “Internet + medical health” service platform that Medical integrates primary medical care, public health, medical equipment, and big health IoT industries. It integrates medical resources, collaborates and shares, and utilizes portable and intelligent things. Network testing equipment collects basic physiological health parameters and establishes a large health database. At the same time, the “Telemedicine Solution” takes medical institutions as the hub and the IoT big data platform as the support to establish a remote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment service system to create a deeply integrated health technology innovation system with doctors as the core, medical institutions as the main body and market as oriention, providing residents with a wide range of health management and smart medical services to improve the service efficiency and level of the primary health service system.

Heal Force “Telemedicine Solution” is of practical significance to promote the development of “Internet + Medical Health”. Relying on physical medical institutions, prevention and treatment are integrated to reduce the burden of treatment of minor diseases, so that patients can manage and control chronic diseases in time at home, and detect serious diseases in time.

Advantages of Telemedicine Solution

Enjoy a number of physiological parameter checks nearby to reduce running around

A number of inspections are provided in the clinic at home, including remote health check-ups, breathing and sleep monitoring, ambulatory blood oxygenation, ambulatory electrocardiogram, ambulatory electroencephalogram topography, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, otolaryngoscope and more than ten routine inspections. The inspection items can be diversely customizable.

One-stop caring medical service to create all-round electronic medical record management system

With the assistance of community-based doctors and telemedicine equipment, relevant physiological parameters can be checked and collected to establish an integrated electronic medical record management system, providing data basis for effective expert consultation, health consultation, chronic disease management, and postoperative rehabilitation.

Remote diagnosis and treatment are convenient and professional

Remote diagnosis and treatment is an important part of the medical Internet of Things. Through the Internet, a team of skilled medical experts can participate in remote consultations. The system can be connected to the platform for intelligent distribution, allowing patients to quickly make appointments with expert doctors anytime, anywhere.

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