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Combat COVID-19: How Heal Force Come Forward in Response to Pandemic through Uncertain Times [Retrospect]

BBC latest launched news mentions that coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than 15 million confirmed cases in 188 countries and more than 600,000 people have died. Clearly, it’s still not a good time for the world. Even Donald Trump abruptly gave up his rosy projections about the novel coronavirus, urging Americans …


Properly Purposing Anesthesia Machines as Ventilators during COVID-19 Pandemic

Features of Heal Force Anestheisa Machines Ventilator drive: pneumatic bellows Ascending bellows for visual inspection of airtightness Available working air source: O2, O2 + N2O, O2 + N2O + AIR Accurate tidal volume output: 20ml ~ 1500ml Fully automatic closed-loop tidal volume compensation works without manual adjustment. Comprehensive breathing control modes: VCV (Volume Controlled Ventilation), …


[2]Specific requirements for medical facilities during a difficult period [COVID-19].

Medical Facilities in Hospital Hardware Based on the basic requirements of the China Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Construction and Management Guidelines, the specific requirements are detailed as follows: In terms of beds, considering that patients with severe pneumonia are often fatigued and inconvenient to move, the bedside guardrail design certified by IEC60601-2-52 should be chosen …

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