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Proper Use of the Biological Safety Cabinet (Class 2)

As a first-level barrier in the biosafety laboratory, the biological safety cabinet is indispensable hardware equipment in the current anti-pandemic research laboratory. A cytotoxic safety cabinet is also a necessity if the biological experiment involves cytotoxic drugs handling.  The Class II biological safety cabinet has a front window operation port through which the personnel conduct …

biological safety
Press Releases

Biological safety cabinets have become One of the most important stuffs to defeat COVID-19 pandemic

By March 26,2020,COVID-19 pandemic has spread to more than 190 countries and regions,more than 17000 people have so far died of COVID-19.The COVID-19 pandemic has not only became the word’s largest health crisis ,but has triggered turbulence in the stock market of several countries, and has the potential to clause financial crisis. Why we need …

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