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How Neonatal Incubators are Used

A scientific way to create an environment with suitable temperature and humidity to increase the survival rate of immature babies and facilitate the growth and development of high-risk newborns. Babies Who Require Incubators: Babies whose birth weight is below 2500G. Abnormal newborns: newborns with scleredema and low body temperature. Conditions for Babies Leaving the Incubator …

Press Releases

Newborn Jaundice Need-to-Know

The term “jaundice” refers to the yellowish color of the skin (or whites of the eyes) seen in many newborns. It occurs when a baby has a high level of bilirubin in the blood. Ms. Li has her deepest concern: Why does my baby’s skin look yellow? Dr. Hill: Well, that’s the symptom of jaundice in …

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