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Basics of Anesthesia

What is Anesthesia? Anesthesia is Greek for “without sensation”. It is a process that makes the patient feel no pain, injury and related experience during the surgery. Crawford Williamson (1815 – 1878 ), an American surgeon and pharmacist best known for his first use of inhaled sulfuric ether as an anesthetic. The originator of modern anesthesia:▲ The first person to …

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Heal Force Anesthesia Machine, Your Clinical Anesthesia Professional Choice

The emergence and development of anesthesia technology have promoted the continuous advancement of surgical technology. Nowadays, most operations are inseparable from the assistance of anesthesia. Anesthesia can not only bring patients a more comfortable operating experience but also provide the doctor with a stable operating environment. According to the different methods of anesthesia, anesthesia can …

Anesthesia Machine
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The Essentiality of ETCO2 Monitoring in Clinical Anesthesia

The advent of the capnography for monitoring end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) is a major advancement in the use of non-invasive technology to monitor PF (pulmonary function), especially pulmonary ventilation function. It makes it possible to monitor patients continuously and quantitatively at the bedside to provide clear indicators for respiratory support management, especially for anesthesia patients, …

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Properly Purposing Anesthesia Machines as Ventilators during COVID-19 Pandemic

Anesthesia machines are equipped with ventilators that in many cases are capable of providing life-sustaining mechanical ventilation to patients with respiratory failure. They are used for this purpose every day in the operating room. As the FDA stated, “wherever possible, health care facilities should use cleared [or approved] conventional/standard full-featured ventilators when necessary to support …

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