Optical surgical navigation system for cranial and ENT procedures

Excelim-04 is an innovative, computer-assisted electromagnetic surgical navigation system, which is widely used for surgical visualization, planning and navigation to help minimize iatrogenic trauma to the surrounding brain tissue and reduce the risk for surgery complication in cranial procedures (like Neurology, cranial and ENT surgery).

Excelim-04 optical surgical navigation system can be used for all neurological and ENT surgeries, especially in deep-seated intracranial lesions, intracranial lesions of small volume, intracranial lesions of unclear invasive edge and minimally invasive surgeries.


Tomographic images in OICOM and captured with CT/C-arm/MRl/fMRI all are applicable in Excelim-04 surgical navigation system.

Advanced optical tracking system tracks real-time 30 positions and orientation of active or passive markers attached to surgical tools, to deliver exceptional accuracy (spatial resolution 1.0mm)
and reliability.

30 modelling and simulation method of anatomical structures in material (like skin, skull, brain tissue or target lesion) can be easily self-defined for surgical convenience.

With the navigation probe and advanced optical measurement technology integrated, the surgeon can easily quantify the size and position of lesions, then design surgical approach the reasonable way.

The system provides operators with four navigation modes for all-round monitoring of the navigation process.

The intelligent software will help calibrate and compensate for unexpected anatomical-structure change and brain shift induced by removal of intracranial lesion area.

Excelim-04 navigation system can be operated with a surgeon mouse or touch monitor mounted on the mobile cart or ceiling-suspension arm.

The system automatically saves all patients’ image data and registration information, so as to let the surgeon quickly load and continue surgical navigation against unexpected loss of electricity supply.

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