As early as 2011, the Ministry of Health issued a document-“Notice on the Pilot Work for Establishing and Rehabilitation of a Rehabilitation Medical Service System”, which started the construction of a rehabilitation medical service system and clearly proposed the establishment of a three-level rehabilitation medical grading diagnosis and treatment system to integrate the national rehabilitation medical system. It is divided into three levels: one is the emergency period, and the rehabilitation is in the general hospital; the second is the stable period, the rehabilitation hospital or the second-level general hospital mainly for rehabilitation; the third is the recovery period, which is to introduce rehabilitation into the community.

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Rehabilitation Target

Stroke hemiplegia, aphasia, dysphagia, spasm, shoulder-hand syndrome, cognitive impairment; post-traumatic syndrome; paraplegia and micturition dysfunction, stool dysfunction, pressure ulcer, spasm, ectopic bone caused by trauma or spinal cord disease complications such as osteoporosis and osteoporosis; peripheral nerve injury; senile diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cerebellar atrophy; pediatric cerebral palsy; postoperative fracture dysfunction, etc.

Rehabilitation Treatment

Neurological rehabilitation, pain rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, child rehabilitation, postpartum rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation, etc.

Neurorehabilitation is the product of specialization of rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment methods, mainly for rehabilitation assessment and rehabilitation treatment of dysfunction caused by neurological diseases such as movement, sensation, speech, swallowing, cognitive impairment, and so on.

Clinical rehabilitation medical practice has confirmed that: neurological diseases and functions after the injury can be recovered; the brain is plastic, and brain function can also be reorganized after brain injury. Many patients with brain injury have recovered and recovered damaged nerve functions, and even returned to work. There are many examples, and biofeedback technology can have a significant effect on Neurotherapy.

Spot-check Monitor
HF 3000 Spot-check Monitor

In order to better serve the rehabilitation population and meet the needs of various aspects of rehabilitation therapy, Heal Force has launched an intelligent neurological function reconstruction therapeutic instrument using biofeedback technology to guide patients to cognitive re-learning-Heal Force HF3000 Spot-check Monitor. The feedback instrument, through biofeedback technology combined with neuromuscular electrical stimulation, according to the brain’s plasticity and functional compensation theory, to achieve the reconstruction of the damaged nerve and muscle system functional pathways to help patients restore subjective voluntary movement.

Features of HF 3000 Spot-check Monitor

  • Industrial grade computer with 360° rotating and retractable display, showing a perfect curve
  • One-button switch, directly enter the software operation interface, without waiting
  • Free choice of surface area EMG assessment and fatigue assessment
  • RMS calculation method reduces abnormal interference signals
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted automatically according to the patient’s EMG intensity
  • Independent multi-channel, maximum support 4 channels EMG, independent work or combined operation
  • The dual mechanism of hardware and software realizes the protection of the maximum current, avoids the machine failure and accidentally injures the patient, and at the same time stimulates the precise control of the current intensity. The error is within ±5%, the current is stable, avoiding the current fluctuation to stimulate the patient
  • Mirror image stimulation, humanized design
  • The treatment plan has a schematic diagram of the electrode paste

Biofeedback technology

  • According to EMG feedback signal, to achieve auxiliary exercise
  • Combining biofeedback technology and electrical stimulation methods to apply electrical stimulation to the patient’s muscles to help diagnose and restore the patient’s muscle dysfunction
  • Physiological activities and physiological functions (such as changes in EMG)
  • Transform into EMG signal, guide patient training through sound and image
  • Let patients learn to control their own functions based on this information

As one of the four branches of medicine, rehabilitation medicine occupies an important position and is closely related to clinical practice. With the rapid development of modern rehabilitation medicine technology, the quality of modern life continues to rise, the status of rehabilitation medicine in modern medicine is increasing, and the social demand is increasing. Heal Force has been making unremitting efforts to provide users with better rehabilitation medical equipment and the first comes to HF 3000 Spot-check Monitor.

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