Summer is coming nearer, but COVID-19 is still raging across the globe. With the best delivery service, Heal Force home medical kit box will be your good helper to relieve you from trivial aches and pains.

Why a home medical kit box is a must-have?

Small cuts or wounds should also be disinfected and protected to avoid bacterial infections. Band-aid, medical alcohol disinfection cotton ball, iodine cotton swab, etc., common trauma first aid medicines are well prepared when staying at home!

During the transition season, families with weak resistance are prone to symptoms of discomfort, such as a cold and fever. Bring your thermometer, fever cooling pastes, and commonly used fever-reducing medicines to be more secure and convenient. Those items can be found in our home medical kit box.

The elderly at home may have symptoms such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Such diseases require long-term self-management and monitoring, and regular testing cannot be left behind. In addition to the necessary sphygmomanometer, it is recommended to carry blood glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol three-in-one analyzer to detect physical conditions in real-time. People who always pay attention to the value of blood oxygen also need a pulse oximeter, which is involved in our home medical kit box.

What kind of help can Heal Force Home Medical Kit Box offer you?

The home medical kit box keeps your medicines secure and keeps them organized with the smart home medical kit box. Made from high quality and durable plastic, this medical box features a white lid for a beautiful appearance. Additionally, the partitioned tray makes it easy to segregate your medicines based on use and type. The Heal Force medical kit box is made from highly durable material which facilitates long-term use. With its compact design, you can fit a large number of medicines while keeping it organized for regular usage. , the Heal Force medical kit box, armed with an ergonomic handle, is perfect for portable use.

Unlike the existing medical box on the market, the Heal Force home medical kit box not only realizes the classification and storage of medicines but also is equipped with blood pressure monitors, oximeters, and other health testing instruments to monitor and collect health indexes such as blood sugar and uric acid in real-time.

home medical kit box

With Humanized Design: Worry-free for 7 Days

The ergonomic design of the Heal Force family smart medicine box is labor-saving and hand-free. You can walk at home, work or business, easily travel and carry a good mood with you. The built-in convenient small medical kit box can truly distribute one day for the elderly in the family, and it is worry-free for 7 days.

Sealed and Isolated from Moisture and Light

The Heal Force family medical kit box can block the light intensity of 100,000 Lx under direct sunlight on a sunny day, seal and isolate the drugs while you are traveling, prevent moisture and light, and ensure that the medicines and instruments in the box are in a cool and dry environment, allowing you to travel with no worries.

Customized Software and its Functions

The Heal Force home medical kit box supported by software can be customized. The box integrates blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, and other detection functions in one. Customize functions of your software and the Bluetooth connected device performs measurements that will record your health information, and is not afraid of data loss even when the network is disconnected. Scan the QR code to check the health status of your family with one click, always know the health of you and your family, and care for your family forever. The functions of the software can be customized.

Families give us great support to pursue and achieve our dreams and we ought to take care of the health of our family including ourselves’. Bear in your mind: health goes first.
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