With the acceleration of work pace, the improvement of living standards and the change of living habits, people’s perceptions have also undergone certain changes. The focus has shifted from the earliest “clothing, food, housing and transportation” to “eating, drinking, playing, happy”, and then slowly transferred to the hottest “health management” nowadays.

In response to topics of common concern for people’s livelihood, Heal Force Medical gives full play to the convenience and innovation model of “Internet + medical health”, and has successively launched smart pharmacies, smart elderly care, primary care, family doctors, telemedicine, sleep management, corporate health management, and public health This time, in conjunction with the “Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Reconstruction of Old Communities in Urban Areas” issued by the General Office of the State Council, Heal Force launched a complete set of “Smart Community Solutions.”

The “Smart Community Solution” can perform on-site testing, data collection, and establishment of health data management files on various physiological parameters of residents in the community through the health cabin, and print physical examination reports on site or view them online on mobile devices. At the same time, it supports the uploading of test data to the residents’ health file management system and database center of the National Health and Family Planning Commission to realize the national basic public health smart file, physical examination and management functions, and the health status of residents in the jurisdiction can be easily grasped.

Intelligent face recognition verification device

At the same time, according to the waste sorting policy strongly called by the country, residents can earn credit points through daily activities such as waste sorting. There is a personal ID login machine at the entrance of the health station. Users can log in through face recognition or resident card. If they have credit scores, the door will open automatically and residents can go in for self-checkup!

A corner of the health station

The health cabin is a professional health monitoring and data self-service management system. With highly integrated features, it supports multiple testing items such as height, weight, body fat, vision, TCM physique, ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, lung function, etc., combined with data analysis and management Functions to fulfill multiple requirements such as file creation, physical examination, health management, education and Internet services. The 15.6-inch main control touch screen and the 19-inch super high-definition advertising screen provide clear display and easy-to-understand operation procedures.

Create a one-stop health checkup experience

Heal Force adopts customizable hardware configuration + powerful software functions, which can cover residents’ daily vital signs detection and chronic disease risk management, provide community residents with close, comprehensive, one-stop health management services, and help community elderly care The plan is further advanced to build a community smart elderly care and health service system.

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