Neonatal radiant warmer refers to nursing and warming equipment dedicated to newborns, premature infants, critically ill infants, and frail infants. It is equipped with an infrared radiation device to provide continuous warmth to the baby and limit the metabolism rate. Besides, the digital skin temperature sensor and the far-infrared temperature detector constantly monitor the surface temperature of the baby and bed during the nursing process. Therefore, we clinically call it ‘radiant warmer’.

Difference between the Infant Radiant Warmer and Incubator

Radiant warmers and incubators are both essential medical devices used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants, providing safe and stable environments for them to heal, grow and develop. 

A radiant warmer gives radiant heat which warms the infant and the air through which the heat is propagated. An incubator usually warms by conduction of heat from the warm materials inside to the object being warmed, with a lower temperature than the radiant element of a radiant heater.

Applications of the Radiant Warmer

  • Gives radiant heat to warm the newborn
  • Come into contact with the baby in all directions while keeping it warm
  • Rapid heating and rewarming
  • Convenience for surgeries and nursing

Applicable Scenarios for the Radiant Warmer

  • Term infants in stable condition: no need for humidity support
  • Babies who need frequent care and examination with ventilator, X-film, and ultrasound.
  • Newborns after CCU surgery: frequent nursing, high humidity causes infection.
  • Babies in PICU(Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), usually more than 28 days, relatively big.
  • Babies who need NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) in the delivery room and neonatology department.

Applicable Department of Radiant Warmer

Radiant Warmer

Neonatology (Surgery)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Critical Care Unit
Delivery room
Emergency room
Operating room

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