Approximately 6 in 100,000 children will suffer a stroke at some point between birth and adulthood, with 60% of cases affecting boys. The symptoms of stroke can be caused by severe irregularity in diet, work and rest, insufficient intake, insufficient rest, and severe hypoxia in the brain tissue for a long time. It turns out that paying attention to blood oxygen health is very important!

Brain Tissue Hypoxia

Since the brain’s oxygen consumption accounts for 20% of the body’s oxygen uptake, and the human body can take in limited oxygen, more oxygen consumption and less intake, in addition to dizziness, fatigue, poor memory, slow response and other problems, it will also affect the brain Myocardium causes injuries, such as a stroke, or even death from overwork in severe cases. Therefore, the relevant detection value of blood oxygen is an important indicator to measure physical health

Pulse Oximeter

The main measurement indicators of the pulse oximeter are pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation and blood perfusion index. Blood oxygen saturation (abbreviated as SpO2) is one of the important basic data in clinical medicine, and the low value requires certain attention. In plain areas, the normal value of blood oxygen saturation is 95% to 100%. The blood oxygen saturation value is lower than normal, which may be due to hypoxia, tissue hypoxia and other diseases caused by hypoxic hypoxia, bronchopneumonia, emphysema, and blood circulation diseases. By detecting blood oxygen saturation, the oxygen supply of the human body can be judged indirectly.

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Pulse Oximeter

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