For every mom and dad, there is nothing better than watching their baby fall asleep~ But for newborns, the development of various organs is not mature enough, so that they face the complex external environment. There may be hypoxia with difficulty breathing. Especially for premature babies with imperfect respiratory centre development, it is more likely to cause repeated central apnea.

Pulse Oximeter

Therefore, in addition to carefully arranging the sleeping environment, Bao Mom and Dad also need to pay close attention to the blood oxygen status of the newborn to avoid affecting the normal development of the newborn due to hypoxia.

The PC-66A neonatal pulse oximeter can continuously monitor the blood oxygen saturation of the newborn, and always pay attention to the newborn’s breathing status. Once the pulse rate and blood oxygen are abnormal, the oximeter will be timely An alarm is issued to help parents discover the baby’s abnormality in time.

HealForce PC-66A Neonatal Pulse Oximeter

Eight major features
Masimo simulated blood oxygen technology  
 Anti-interference design
In the case of newborn exercise
Can still recognize the blood oxygen monitoring value
Long-term continuous monitoring
With 500 hours of data storage function
Historical data at a glance
From mobile phones to computers, real-time tracking and professional analysis are equally important.
Customizable cordon settings
Provide customized services for different newbornsAbundant external probes and up to 18 hours of battery life
Cover every sleeping night of newborns

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