Under the large pandemic of the new coronavirus, the public has to take home quarantine and go out less to reduce the risk of infection. But how do you know your physical condition during your home quarantine? At this point, blood oxygen monitoring is essential!

what are the practical functions of pulse oximeter?

It’s not hard to understand,Pulse oximeter is a small electronic device that can estimate oxygen saturation in a person’s blood. In medical condition, if the oxygen saturation in the human blood is less than 92%,it will cause physical discomfort and result in hypoxemia. After hypoxemia occurs, the body’s organs will not function properly, and in more severe cases it may interfere with the functioning of the heart and brain.

Pulse oximeter can help you estimate your oxygen saturation, which keeps you alert to your body’s oxygen status. Therefore, pulse oximeter is often used for physical examination. Meanwhile, pulse oximeter can monitor heart rate irregularities and other problems. it is also an indispensable instrument in the hospital intensive care unit.

How does a digital pulse oximeter help you predict whether you are infected with the coronavirus?

According to clinical diagnosis experience, the symptoms of coronavirus infection are mainly fever, fatigue and dry cough. At the same time in the early stage of the virus infection, there will be a drop in blood oxygen levels and other symptoms. Most of the severe patients had dyspnea and hypoxemia one week after the onset. During the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is necessary for people to get a pulse oximeter in their home. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, such as weakness, muscle soreness, or fever, you can use a pulse oximeter to measure your own blood oxygen levels. When you detect that your oxygen saturation is below 92%, you may need to be consciously aware of whether you are infected.

As we know, the coronavirus has mild symptoms in the early stages of infection and does not appear to have obvious shortness of breath. In hospital medical treatment process, some patients go to the hospital when they feel the shortness of breath. After testing, it is found that their blood oxygen saturation is as low as 50%. As these patients in casual has adapted to the slow decreasing oxygen, so when they realize their shortness of breath, they have entered into the serious phase of the illness. Under the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, direct public access to hospitals may carry a greater risk of infection.

Therefore, if you have symptoms similar to the coronavirus infection during your home quarantine, it is a good strategy to test with a pulse oximeter at home and then consult doctors online.

Why would pulse oximeter A3 be your best choice?

The Pulse oximeter A3 has six core advantages:Multi-parameter Monitoring, Limit Alarm, 5-Second Test to Output the Value, Four-Way Rotation, Intelligent Power Saving and International Recognized.

Particularly, Pulse oximeter A3 has various monitoring functions. Its multiple monitoring index including pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2).pulse rate(PR), perfusion index(PI), pulse intensity bar-graph, photoplethysmogram.Thus this device will provide you with accurate,detail and reliable test data to achieve the role of health testing. More importantly,Pulse oximeter A3 not only can get accurate measurement but also equipped with high performance acceleration processor to rapidly get results.

Another warming advantage is about its design and setup. For its design, it has Three-proofing design:waterproof,Anti-drop,Anti-movement. This ledger design allows the oximeter to be used in a variety of environments and it also can minimize the damage of the equipment and extend its service life.

For its setup, The Pulse oximeter A3 has four-way rotation,which empowers the device to rotate the display interface in four directions for easy viewing. Pulse oximeter A3 also has a Limit Alarm,the display color changes automatically in case of abnormal parameters. And the alarm limits are adjustable, as long as press the switch key to enter the setting interface,you can adjust the upper and lower alarm limits of each parameters. At the same time,it used intelligent power saving which equipped with automatic shutdown in case of 8-second no signal battery level reminder.With these thoughtful and convenient designs,we believe the Pulse oximeter A3 will give you an extremely comfortable experience.

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Whether you are traveling, exercising, or in your daily life, Pulse oximeter A3 will become your indispensable companion. For sure, In the formal medical channels, Pulse oximeter A3 will also be a powerful assistant to patients in the process of detection and treatment. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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