Under the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, masks have been snapped up all over the world, causing a serious shortage. Ordinary citizens had to line up in the cold wind overnight.

citizens line up for masks in the cold wind overnight

It is well known that free economic markets determine price changes based on supply and demand. When the supply and demand of goods are in an unbalanced state of supply and demand, it is obvious who the buyer and the seller have more bargaining power.

Why do we need to wear a mask during the fight against COVID-19?

Up to now, there is no empirical and effective medicine or vaccine for new pneumonia. Therefore, in the prevention of epidemics, people mainly use non-drug physical methods to propagate, such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently, according to WHO “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public)”.

Based on past experience in disease prevention and control, we know that the main modes of transmission of influenza and SARS include droplet infection. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, he may spray respiratory droplets carrying the virus to infect contacts. Wearing a mask and washing hands is to prevent us from being exposed to these viruses.

SARS period (2003)

The outer layer of a qualified mask can block more than 90% of the droplets. The relative content of potassium ion (K⁺) in the innermost layer is about 3.0% to 4.5%, and the protection rate is about 95.5% to 97.0%. This result basically echoes the guidelines for the prevention of respiratory diseases proposed by agencies such as the Office of Disease Control, WHO, and the CDC in the United States.

In theory, as long as the suspected infected person is consciously isolated and does not touch the crowd, the general public need not wear a mask. But you never know if there are any virus carriers in the crowd during the incubation period. They don’t know if they are infected. In addition, there are also unconscious suspected infections that shuttle through the crowd and it is difficult to avoid. So during the outbreak and the high-speed spread of the virus, this became a basic means of protection.

Can non-medical surgical masks resist viruses?

Many people believe that they must wear the best medical surgical masks to protect them from viruses. But in fact, where there are not many infected patients, it means that the probability of contact with the carrier of the virus is relatively low, so it will not directly face the virus in the oncoming droplets.

When there are no medical-surgical masks, we have other options. For instance, KN95-compliant masks also have a high degree of protection.

We all regret that the epidemic will not end in a short time, and wearing a mask for a long time will cause considerable discomfort. With this in mind, we have also done much research on wearing comfort.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused too many tragedies. As ordinary people, all we can do is to consciously reduce the chance of virus transmission. We recommend that you do not go out unless necessary, and take precautions when you go out, don’t gather actively, try to avoid the crowd. We hope that humans all over the world will soon overcome the virus and take off our masks and breathe freely.

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COVID-2019 has become a global concern, and we are deeply sorry about it. Heal Force Group hopes to make our own contribution to the prevention and control work within our ability.
For this outbreak, we have proposed some solutions:
1. Great! The nCoV-2019 can be monitored with a small oximeter
2. Rapid Lab Tests of 2019 Novel Coronavirus
3. Biosafety Cabinet Intalled after 400 Kilometers Drive

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