Ten months pregnant, watching the belly grow bigger day by day, what the fetus looks like in the belly, I guess every pregnant mother wants to know. Let’s take a look at the fetal development process for each month of the ten months. After reading the article, you will have a certain understanding of the fetal development.


1 month pregnant

First of all, when one month of pregnancy, the fetus cannot be called a fetus at this time, this time is called embryonic stage, and its fertilized egg is called embryo or embryo. Since the fertilized egg at this time is still dividing and has not formed a certain shape, the embryo can only be seen through b-ultrasound at this time.

When one month of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers feel nothing. Only a small number of people may experience cold-like symptoms. Such as physical weakness, fever, cold fear, etc. There is no change in the breast at this time, and the uterus is about the size of an egg.

2 months pregnant

At two months of pregnancy, it is 5-8 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the embryo is no longer a cluster of cells. At this time, the embryo has a body and a tail, and the eyes, hands, and feet can be distinguished. This month is the main period of fetal organ differentiation and formation, so the period of two months of pregnancy is also called the formation period.

At two months of pregnancy, the embryo of the fetus looks very much like a baby. When the two months are about to end, the hands and feet are already formed, and the eyes, ears, nose and tongue are also formed. Basically, the main body organs are already there in this month.

3 months pregnant

In three months of pregnancy compared with two pregnancy, the development of the fetus may not have obvious changes in general, but there are not small changes in the details.

Three pregnant fetuses can see fingernails and have clear fingers and toes. At this time, the head of the fetus grows bigger and the neck grows longer. The eyes moved to the front of the face, the whole body was covered with a layer of villi, and the external genitalia began to differentiate. During this period, the fetal bones begin to develop faster and the bones become hard, preparing for future development.

From the third month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers no longer have to worry too much about miscarriage. The fetus in this period starts to do various exercises in the mother’s belly.

4 months pregnant

How big is the fetus in the fourth month of pregnancy? Let’s talk about it through b-ultrasound.

First of all, at the fourth month of pregnancy, the head of the fetus is obviously more upright, and the eyes have moved to the front of the head. Of course, the eyes are still tightly closed. However, during this period, it can be seen that the fetus’s eyeballs can move, his eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. are growing rapidly, and his ears have reached their final positions.

At four months, the fetus’s skin is very thin and transparent, and the blood vessels under the skin can be seen. The joints of the limbs have been formed, and the bones have further developed. At this time, the fetus’s legs have exceeded the length of the arms, the fingernails have been formed, and the joints can also move.

The sex organs of the fetus in this period have matured enough to be able to distinguish the sex with the naked eye. Of course, b-ultrasound can better detect it. The fetus began to breathe with his chest, and he began to suck his thumb. The fetus had a fetal heart at this stage. If your mother is careful, you may also see the baby move.

The fetus at four months of pregnancy is still very small, just the size to fit in the palm of your hand.

5 months pregnant

At five months of pregnancy, because the performance of male babies and female babies is different, it needs to be said separately. From the 20th week of pregnancy, the retina of the fetus begins to form and is sensitive to light.

If you are pregnant with a baby boy

If you are pregnant with a baby boy, you may not have morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy. At the same time, your baby’s heartbeat is probably within 140 beats per minute. At the same time, your belly may be round, like a basketball. In addition, the front part of your body will gain a lot of weight.

Your areola will darken when you are five months pregnant. At this time, you may like to eat salty or sour foods, and at the same time like high-protein foods. Your legs will get cold easily, and your legs will grow faster during pregnancy. The skin on the hands will be relatively dry. Generally, your urine will be pale yellow, with runny nose and headaches.

If you are pregnant with a baby girl

If you are pregnant with a baby girl, then you will have morning sickness in the early pregnancy. The baby’s heartbeat is at least 140 beats per minute, and your body is mainly increased by the weight of the hips and back. Often the breast on the left is larger than the breast on the right. At this time, the abdomen will bulge, a bit like a watermelon. Pregnant mothers often like to eat sweet food, especially sweet fruits, and also like to drink sweet drinks like orange juice.

When you are five months pregnant, your mood may be more unstable. The breasts enlarged rapidly, and the urine color was a darker yellow.

6 months pregnant

At six months of pregnancy, the fetus has gained a lot of weight and looks very similar to a baby. But the skin was still wrinkled and red, like a little old man.

At six months of pregnancy, the fetus is about 19cm long and weighs about 350g. At this time, the fetus’s skin is wrinkled. Don’t think that this is a bad phenomenon. In fact, this is the room left by the fetus for the growth of subcutaneous fat in the future.

For a six-month-old fetus, after 22 weeks, the fetus will look slippery, as if the skin is covered with some slippery substance. In fact, this is fetal fat. The main function of fetal fat is to protect the fetus from being harmed by long-term soaking in amniotic fluid. Fetal fat usually appears from the age of six months, and may still be there until birth. The teeth of the fetus during this period are also developing rapidly, mainly because the tooth germs of the permanent teeth are developing rapidly to prepare for the fetus to grow teeth.

At six months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s waist is significantly thicker. This is due to the enlargement and heaviness of the uterus, which causes the spine to recede and the body’s center of gravity forward. In order to maintain balance, the pregnant mother will consciously leaned back. , So there is a state peculiar to pregnant women. Because pregnant mothers are not accustomed to such sudden changes and other reasons, they are often prone to tipping when leaning back, and the waist and back are also very prone to fatigue, so pregnant mothers often suffer and feel very strenuous when sitting down and standing up.

At six months of pregnancy, the focus of this time is iron supplementation. If the pregnant mother is not iron deficient, you can eat more foods with high iron content in the diet. At the same time, remember that iron and tea cannot be eaten together.

7 months pregnant

At the seventh month of pregnancy, the fetus’s body is already 36cm and weighs about 900g~1300g. At this time, the fetus’s inner ear and brain have been fully connected, and its ability to distinguish sounds has improved a lot, and it is also very sensitive to sounds. Although the retina of the seven-month-old fetus is not fully developed, it can already feel light and is also very sensitive to light.

8 months pregnant

At the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus is approximately 42cm-46cm in length and 2kg-2.7kg in weight. The fetus grows up and its bones develop stronger. The fetus at this time can already hear the sounds outside the mother’s body. As the fetus grows, the skin of the fetus no longer looks so wrinkled, but rather plump.

After eight months of pregnancy, the fetus’s large and powerful kicking exercises in the body will be much less, instead of twisting and swinging, because the fetus’s size increases and the space for movement is reduced. At this time, the fetal brain is developing rapidly, the brain and nervous system have been developed to a certain extent, and the lungs are also close to maturity.

The eyes of the eight-month-old fetus can be opened and closed freely, can identify and track the light source, and can see clearly the scene in the womb. The hair is also thick.

After eight months of pregnancy, due to the rapid growth of the fetus, pregnant mothers often feel exhausted, especially on the back, coupled with gastrointestinal discomfort and other factors, so it is easy for pregnant mothers to have anxiety and even cause insomnia. Therefore, you should take a good and proper rest during this period.

9 months pregnant

The fetus at nine months of pregnancy has matured and is able to survive outside the mother’s body. The fetus at this time is full of hair. The weight is between 2.7kg-3.2kg, and the length is about 50cm or longer.

The brain of the fetus at nine months of pregnancy is already very developed. Not only will the body respond to external stimuli, but the face will also respond. Through the expression of the fetus, we can see the expressions he likes and hates. The eye development of the fetus has been fully mature, and its response to light outside the mother’s body is obvious. The organs in the fetus have also matured and the skin is shiny. After nine months, the fetus has fallen to the lower abdomen and is ready for birth.

After nine months of pregnancy, because the fetus is already very large, the pregnant woman’s abdomen is full, so pregnant mothers should not eat too much at a time, and eat small and frequent meals. In addition, the digestive function of pregnant mothers will be reduced, and it is easy to cause constipation, so you should eat more potatoes, seaweeds and vegetables with a lot of fiber.

Due to the heavy weight, pregnant women after nine months will have heavier burden on the leg muscles, cramps and pain may occur, and some massages may be appropriate. You may also have symptoms such as insomnia. Don’t worry, keep calm and you will fall asleep in a while.

10 months pregnant

The pregnant mother has been pregnant for ten months, and now the pregnant mother has entered the final stage of pregnancy. The development of the fetus in the womb is basically mature. From this weekend, your fetus can become a full-term baby, which also means your baby is likely to be born at any time, so you must make prenatal preparation at this time, including the knowledge of childbirth, the hospital for delivery, the delivery package, and so on.

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